Star Wars:The Force Awakens Hits $1 Billion WorldWide

In Just 12 Days Star Wars: The Force Awakens Hits $1 Billion Worldwide in Second Weekend Star Wars Grossed $153 Million Which is Less Than The Last Weekend Which Was Above $240 Million.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Beats The 'Jurrasic World' By 1 Day Grossing $1billion WorldWide In 12 Days.But It Is Still Behind The Epic Movies Like James Cameron's Avatar Which Grossed $2.8 Billion Worldwide  And Leanardo DiCaprio Starrer Titanic Which grossed $2.2 Billion Worldwide.

In My Opinion Star Wars Can Cross The Titanic Figures Because The Force Will Awake In China On January 9th 2016 And It Will Give A Big Boost To The Star Wars Grossing Figures.


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