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The Vital Clash covers the latest in Professional Wrestling, Internet, Films&TV, TikTok, Youtube, Music, Pop Culture and the World —  we feature things which matters in Entertainment.

What started as a professional wrestling resources back in 2017 specifically intended to only address Professional Wrestling quickly expanded to cover Digital Media, Internet and Global Entertainment  with a specific focus on how everything is related to Drama.

The Vital Clash is here to break stereotypes in Internet, Media, and The Squared Circle. Whether through reporting, vivid opinions, op-eds, video, podcasts, campaigns, or live events, we cover the entertainment from all the angles everyone should be talking about.

For partnerships, write to us at VitalContentCreations63@gmail.com

For pitches, write to us at VitalContentCreations63@gmail.com Please follow these pitch guidelines to help us better understand your story idea.

In the subject of the email, please include the section you envision your story falling under, along with a proposed headline (e.g., Films&TV pitch: ‘Proposed Headline’)

In the body of the email, please include:

  • a short paragraph exploring the idea of your story
  • the format of the article (i.e., first-person essay, reported feature, opinion editorial, news analysis, etc.)
  • the sources you plan to include, if any, and the access you have to them (at the time of pitching, access to experts should already be confirmed)

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