Vince Mcmahon Upset With The Rock Going Offscript On RAW

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

On Monday Night Raw The guy dressed as "MachoMan Randy Savage" kept standing up and doing the Savage twirl and other things to draw attention.

This led to “Randy Savage” chants, and some backstage were not fond of that. After the Kane Vs Bray Wyatt match, Security Asked them to cut it out. At one point during the show they were taken out but let back in after they were told to cut it out.

The Rock saw this in the middle of his interview and decided to go off script and talk to them.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that Vince McMahon was backstage freaking out over the incident.

WWE Cannot Do Any Thing About It Because  "It’s The Rock" & The Rock Can do Whatever He Wants.


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