Why Marvel's Deadpool Is Most Awaited Movie This Year ?

It’s a Brand New Year, with dozens of new movies to look forward But I Am Really Excited For One Movie And That is 'Deadpool'.Based On Marvel Comics Character The Most Unconventional Anti Hero DeadPool Which Is Played By Ryan Reynolds In Upcoming 20th Century Fox Movie Is Releasing On February 12th 2016.

Are mainstream audiences ready for an R-rated superhero movie about a disfigured mercenary with a thirst for violence and a flair for the profane? We’ll find out on February 12, when Marvel’s “merc with a mouth” makes his long-awaited standalone debut in Deadpool. In
development for years, the eighth installment in Fox’s X-Men film franchise will give star Ryan Reynolds an opportunity to finally do right by a character many fans felt got short shrift during his supporting appearance in X-Men Origins:Wolverine.

If it works, it should go a long way toward proving once and for all that the boundaries of the superhero genre are elastic enough to fit films of all shapes, sizes, and


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