Monday Movie Blog- Why Captain America-The Civil War is A Top Movie To Root For In 2016

Marvel Comics Are Coming Again And With A Huge Not Huge Very Huge "Captain America: Civil War".

In Which a Disaster Prompts & World Government To Try & Impose Some Sort of Conntrol Over The Growing Number Of Super Human Beings In The World And Leaves Captain America (Chris Evans) And The Iron Man (Robert Downey, Jr).

With a Star-Studded Cast That Includes Vets from the Avengers Movies As Well As New Arrivals Like The Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman), It is Obvious That There Will be No Shortage Of Action In the Third Edition Of Captain America Movie.

One More Thing To Mention That SpiderMan Will Make His First Marvel Cinematic Universe Appearance during this film.

This Fact Alone Guarantees That This Movie Will Be A Great One In 2016.This Marvel Movie is Set To Release On May 6 2016 In North America & In United Kingdom 29th April 2016.



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