Titus O'Neil Suspended By WWE For 90 Days

Source: PWInsider.Com

PWInsider reports that WWE has suspended Titus O’Neil after an incident that went down with Vince
McMahon after RAW went off the air on the USA Network.

All of the main roster came out to celebrate Daniel Bryan’s retirement, as well as Vince McMahonBryan was hugged by Vince and walked
to the back, however after the hug, O’Neil grabbed Vince in a “playful” physical way.

Vince didn’t like it and actually shoved O’Neil.McMahon was very angry at being grabbed and it led to the suspension.WWE informed O’Neil that he was suspended when he arrived at Tuesday’s SmackDown TV tapings.

WWE told him to go home. It’s being
said that he could be suspended for 90 days.It’s being reported that he has been suspended for upwards of 90 days.

Well This Is Pretty Bad News Because Titus Was Being Pushed By WWE These Past Days In A Lot Of Single Matches At RAW And Smack down.They Were Making Him A Single Star Till This Happened.


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