Twitter War:New Day Member Big E Reacts To Matt Hardy On Twitter

WWE Tag Team Champions "New Day" Member Big E Reacts To TNA Heavyweight Champion Matt Hardy.We All Knew That Matt Hardy is Playing Heel Everywhere & His New ICONIC Matt Hardy Attire Is Heating Up As He Tweets Following Statement About New Day:

"Are they the guys that wear strap-ons on their head? That's not ICONIC."

- Matt Hardy( @MattHardyBrand )

Big E Replied To This Statement This:

"To each his own. Twitter wrestling beef between people who work for different companies is childish. Be well."

- BIG E ( @WWEBigE )

Big E Played Classy Here.I Think Matt Hardy is Going Way To Over I Know He Is Playing Character Everywhere But Too Much Heat Can Be Dangerous For Him.

See Tweet Here


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