WWE Monday Night RAW Review 'Boo' Man Reigns Returns and Taker Attacks Shane

This Week Episode Of WWE Monday Night RAW Opens Up With The New Day Theme Song and After Cutting A Promo The Tag Team Champions Takes On League Of Nations Rusev and Alberto Del Rio For Their Tag Tag Titles On The Line And They Retains. After That Championship Match Ryback Takes On Sincara Defeats Him Clean. Mick Foley Was Also There In A Segement Where He Hyped Wrestlemania 32 & Crowd Loved That Segment Even More When Ambrose Came In And Joined Him. Following Are The Quick Match Results Of What Happened At WWE Monday Night RAW:

* The New Day def. The League of Nations & retains the WWE Tag Team Titles

* Ryback def. Sin Cara

* Sami Zayn def. The Miz

* Team B.A.D. def. Brie Bella and Alicia Fox

* The Usos def. Adam Rose and Bo Dallas Of Social Outcasts

* Triple H def. Dolph Ziggler In A Non Title Match & That Match Was Compelling In The Roman Reigns Returns & Attacks Triple H. Reigns Becomes The Boo'Man Reigns Of The Night Crowd Boo'ed Him Out Of The Building as Earlier But They Were A Little Louder In Booing This Time.

* Neville def. Chris Jericho via DisQualification - AJ Styles Comes To Ring And Hits Jericho With His SpringBoard ForeArm.

Last Segment Was Of Vince & Shane McMahon Face The Undertaker One On One That Segment Runs & Taker Hits Shane With Chokeslam After Vince McMahon Distracts Shane With A ROD. Undertaker Stares At Vince and Vince Runs Out Of Squared Circle He Smirks And Taker Angrilly Stares At Him. SHOW ENDS.


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