Monday Movie Article - Finding Dory: The Real Deal For 3D Animated Movie Fanatics


Movie Making Technology Is So Advanced These Days That You Just Need To Do  Little HardWork And Focus And In  Few Hours You Can Create Your Own Movie. And Our Monday Movie Article Is Back On This Site After A Long Long Time And The Movie Which I Will Be Telling Some Stuff  About is 'FINDING DORY' - 3D Animated Comedy Adventure Film Directed By Andrew Stanton Sequel To The Pixar's Classic Movie 'FINDING NEMO' And Let Me Tell You This Ain't Any Small Movie This is Big This is Yuuuggeee !!!..

Pixar's Classic Finding Nemo Told a Beautifully Self Contained Story That Never Really Needed Another Chapter & To Its Credit, The Studio Isn't Really Trying To Follow It Up With This Sequel.

Instead, As The Title Suggests, Finding Dory Focuses on the Endearingly forgetful character Voiced by Ellen DeGeneres in the Original, Giving Her a New Adventure That Picks Up 6 Months After Finding Nemo, Centered On Her Efforts to Reunite with her family After Suddenly Regaining Memories of her childhood. Along with the 2016 Return of Nemo and his Worrywart Dad Marlin,

Dory Will Introduce Audiences to a Handful of New Characters Voiced By A Star Studded Cast That Includes Idris Elba, Diane Keaton, Eugene Levy With Ed O'Neill And Ty Burrell.

Finding Dory is Coming To Cinemas Near You And IMAX On 17th June 2016 And Like Everyone Who Has Seen Finding Nemo Before Will Love This Film.


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