Roman Reigns Talks About Shield Reunion In Future

In A Recent Interview With Ring Rust Radio WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns Was Asked A Question By The Hosts Of The Show About The Shield Reunion In Near Future Than He Said:

“I’ll always hold the Shield close to the heart. I think we can all say that’s the vehicle that got us out of the warehouse,” said the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

He continued, “We spent many hours in that hot, Tampa warehouse trying to get to this point. I definitely one day would want to do it but I don’t see it anytime soon. I think that’s what makes the Shield different is we all broke out and were able to maintain the level of success that we had within the group but now we are doing it as individuals. It’s really nice to be the quarterback out there. You don’t always have to worry and coordinate with everybody else. You just go out there, do your thing, beat some ass, and go home. I always enjoy that part of it. I think Shield was so special that one day we will have to get it back together.”


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