WWE Payback Preview And Winning Predictions

First Of All A Quick Message For All Of Our Readers Now The Vital Element Wrestling Reports Have Their Own Twitter. So Please If You Got Some Space On Your Twitter Following List Give Us A Follow @VitalReports63 And Anytime You Can Interact With Us Get Latest Wrestling Updates, Nerdy Blogs,  Contests And More. Now Its Time For The Predictions-You Can Agree Or DisAgree? That WWE Has Made A Strong Comeback After 8 Loosened Months In Booking Of Matches. The Upcoming WWE Monthly Special  Event is 'WWE Payback' Which Will Be Live On WWE Network This Sunday From All State Arena, In Chicago You Know After Seeing This Week Episode Of RAW 'The Go Home Show' Before WWE Payback Following Are My Winning Predictions For The Matches:-

* United States Championship Match  On KickOff Show At Payback:

Kalisto(C) Vs Ryback

Kalisto This Luchador Of Team Lucha Dragons is A Great Talent But What He Has Done After Getting The Championship From Del Rio I Mean That This is not Kalisto Fault Its What We Call Bad Booking. WWE is Not Doing Much For US Title And Thats Why This Championship At Wrestlemania Was Defended At The Kick Off Show And Now At Payback Once Again It Will Be Defended At The KickOff Show. Simple The Change Is Coming.

Winner: 'The Big Guy' Ryback The New WWE United States Champion.

* WWE World Heavyweight Championship:

Roman Reigns(C) Vs AJ Styles

!I'm Not A Good Guy I'm Not The Bad Guy I'm The GUY" Man Oh Man This Match Is The Mystery On This MatchCard Because All The Cards Hasn't Been Opened With This Story. Karl Anderson And Luke Gallows Who Were Expected That First They Will Go To NXT But They Debuted On Main Roster And That's A Shock. My Pick Is Roman But I Think The Rumours Of Bullet Club Reuniting Will Make A Huge Impact On This Match.

Winner: Roman Reigns And Still WWE World Heavyweight Champion

* Intercontinental Championship:

The Miz(c) W/ Maryse Vs Cesaro

Cesaro Returned On RAW After Mania And He Stuns Everyone With His New James Bond Type Of Gimmick But IC Champion The Miz Got His Luck Back In WWE With Return Of His Hot Wife Maryse. The Miz VIP MovieStar Gimmick is Entertaining No Doubts He Will Retain IC Championship On Payback But We Will See Some Great Wrestling From Cesaro As Always.

Winner: The Miz And Still WWE IC Champion

* Tag Team Championship Tournament:

The Vaudevillians Vs Enzo Amore & Bigg Cass

"I am a CERTIFIED G and A Bonafide STUD" We've Got One Word For Youa" 'SAWFT'. Enzo And Cass The Talented Team From WWE NXT. The New Callups To The Main Roster Which Everyone Were Waiting For. The VaudeVillians Will Win This Match After A Interference From The Dudley Boys Because Enzo And Cass Poked The Dudley's And Heel Dudleys Will Turn This To A Rivalry.

Winner:  The Vaudevillians No. 1 Contenders For Tag Team Championship.

* WWE Women's Championship:

Charlotte(C) W/ Ric Flair  Vs Natalya W/ Bret Hart

Winner: Still WWE Women's Champion Charlotte.

* Dean Ambrose Vs Chris Jericho

Dean Ambrose is Still WWE's  Biggest Organic Babyfaces Of All Time And This Time They Will Do The Right Thing. Dean Ambrose Is Winning.

Winner: Dean Ambrose

* Baron Corbin Vs Dolph Ziggler

 Winner: Baron Corbin

* Kevin Owens Vs Sami Zayn

Winner: Sami Zayn

Let's See If Our Predictions Goes Right For WWE Payback This Sunday. Please Let Us Know What You Think About This Post In Comments Below And Also Tell Us Your Predictions In Comments Section.

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