TNA Impact Wrestling Review and Reactions: Good Show According To Storylines Perspective

TNA Biggest Event Of The Year "Slammiversary" is Just A Month Away and Last Night TNA Kicked All they have this week into their ongoing storylines for Slammiversary. Some guys Wil argue with us and say that it was a weak show we agree yes there were some loop holes there but that was not a bad show at all. TNA Continued their storylines this week which creates a great amount of interest in their Upcoming Event  Slammiversary Next Month. This week Segments And Promos made the show Good. In-Ring action was not good for my liking as it was like Last Week. show starts:

Opening Segment was between Jeff Hardy and The Decay which turned out to be pretty good this segment told us why The Decay attacked Jeff Hardy last week. The reason was classic as it was not for the money. Hardy teamed up with James Storm For Storm's Rematch the match was short but it was fine. Then that Willow thing comes in Which Makes it Pretty clear that Matt Hardy is Playing Games with his brother Jeff. Jeff Hardy is so pissed of Someone who in the hell is impersonating the Willow.

Next Lashley and Drew Galloway Promo With Pure Heel Lashley I think we have seen this Lashley before when he was feuding with Kurt Angle. Where he gets in the head of his opponent and a forcing Galloway to make some mistakes. Lashley is playing his Badass Monster Heel Perfectly. Anyway this segment was great and one of the top highlight from the show last night. Next Up The Match between Eli Drake Vs Drew Galloway which was a good match they both showed their athletic skills in this match according their size.

Gail Kim and Jade Keep teasing us with quick matches our thinking is straight that this is going for something big feud. Both these Knockouts are in their best three including some other knockouts this time this feud will be more athletic than any other feud.

EC3 And Mike Bennet Both Cutted Great Promo against each other and we have to appreciate TNA Creative Here this rivalry between Bennet and EC3 is turning out to be good for their buisness. But the steel cage  match between spud and EC3 was not upto our expectations this match was lasted only for 7 minutes timing was way too short for this type of match but in the End Ethan Carter is Looking much stronger on Screen now compared to his Heel Run in the company few months back. Overall It Was A Good Show.

Our Vital Grade To The Show: B+


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