Vital Reviews: TNA Impact Wrestling Review - A Strong Show

Well After Almost 3 Weeks Of Time We Are Back With Wrestling Show Reviews and This Time Around its  Not any WWE show This Time Its" Double J" Jeff Jarret Founded Company TNA(Total Nonstop Action) and Dixie Carter's Rebranded  "Impact Wrestling" Which Was Broadcasted This Last Tuesday On POP TV. The News Around is That POP TV has Cancelled The Replays Of Impact Wrestling Shows guys don't believe that pop is in any state against TNA they stopped it because they want to Create Good Buzz Around The Professional Wrestling Fans Out There For Slammiversary Coming This June 12 2016 On POP and Other TV Networks Around the World. Now Let's Come To The Show Last week we didn't reviewed any of wrestling shows due to some personal reasons but now here as follows our impact review:-

This week impact wrestling show was balanced very well by TNA creative there were good quality of promos and great wrestling with more action added to it. The Opening segment was with The ICONIC Matt Hardy which was good matt changed persona suits him as he is this hardcore heel and playing mind games we want directly to move to the Entertaining as hell Team Of Spud And Tyrus We mean this is the most perfect combo we have seen in TNA who were not with each other before but there is a problem here why Spud is trying to be a bully type of heel i think he entertains us greatly by his tactics this is a part where TNA Creative should put a more work into it otherwise spud is a great talent for the company.

Next was the promo between Maria And Gail Kim which was one of the highlights from the night it was good Gail is a legend in knockouts and she is A player in wrestling but here Maria came out as a shining star she is just perfect in cutting the promos but when it comes to wrestling she is a little bit on a weaker side but this feud is interesting  we will see a more of it in coming week. Sienna the newest sensation in TNA Knockouts division is pretty as well as strong in ring she Hits Hard Her Opponents and that match looked really compelling for a moment after that match it looked like she was injured but she is okay.

Next up was The Bro Mans With Former WWE Tough Enough Contestant Gabi aka Raquel in TNA wow !!! She is HOT yup we can't resist using that word and storyline wise Raquel fits really well with the Bro Mans Team.

Next was the greatest promo of the night between Lashley And Drew Galloway this rivalry is rocking the TNA for the past two months both these guys are hardcore wrestler and specially Lashley harcore Heelishness is Taking this rivalry to one of the greatest in TNA history Heel Lashley is getting into the mind of Drew Galloway which makes him a Deadly Heel watching the brawl between these two guys was awesome. when drew called lashley a "bi**h" that moment killed the night.

Next Match Was Between Grado The Entertainer and legend Heel Al Snow who I think is just there to promote his Wrestling Academy I mean match was good but it cannot be counted in features of this show. The Debut Of "The Tribunal" Team  Was good they were in NXT Before. TNA Needs More Tag Teams Like This Which can hold their goodwill in tag team championship wrestling.

Finally X Division Got Their 15 to 30 Minutes On The Show "ULTIMATE X" shuts the mouth of critics of wrestling word that match was great in every prospect and we believed in ZEMA he is a great package TNA got with skills and agility in the ring there were many Extreme Spots in this match. Overall A Great Fun show which was filled with drama, action and wrestling.

TNA Deserves A Round Of Applause On Presenting this show which is leading to SLAMMIVERSARY With some excitement in Our Always Thinking Wrestling mind for it.

Our Vital Grade To The Show: A-(minus)

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