WWE Monday Night RAW Results and Reaction:Memorial Day Special, Johncena Attacked By The Club and Roman Reigns Situation

Last Night WWE RAW Was Live From Green Bay, Wisconsin and  green bay wisconsin chant reminds me of Mr. Ken Anderson because he is from GREEEENNNN BAAAYYYYY WISCONSINN. which he performed during his entrance at his time with the Total-Nonstop-Action Wrestling. anyway let's come to the show it was a Memorial Day special and WWE Creative did very well for the show there were lots of highlights in the show.

RAW opened with beautiful Lilian Garcia asking the crowd to be silent as they ring the bell 10 times and WWE staff runned into a video where superstars were reading the quotes from Former President Ronald Reagen's speech in 1982. they paid tribute to all the soldiers who will always be in our memory with WWE superstars reading the quotes from Ronald Reagen's Speech.after this "Here Comes The Money" Shane McMahon music hits and he received a great reception from The Green Bay Crowd shane gets in the ring Stephanie Music hits and good Stephanie comes out and asks Shane if he was starting the show without her. Shane talks about how  excited he is with the BIG news Dropped Last Week that WWE  Smackdown Will AIR live from July 19 2016. "BOOTY O'S" Yes up next the two time tag team champions comes out and they receive a nice reception from the crowd  they come to the ring and they also talks about how they are really shocked on this news of Smackdown airing live from July 19. Stephanie tells the crowd that the rosters will be different for both the shows and it will bring new opportunities for the talents. Crowd was really not into this they were bored of this segment then new day asks Shane and Stephanie to a dance off which ended when The Vaudevillians Entered the Entrance Ramp there match was next against the New Day. this segment was not good to start the show they were just talking about the newses dropped the last week or Johncena is Returning the night Nothing new after following matches and segments happened at the show last night:-

# The New Day def. The Vaudevillains via Disqualification After The Match Vaudevillians Bruisely attacked BIG E. Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows came and they hurted New Day in their Old Passion Gallows & Anderson Stands Tall On The New Day.

# The Usos def. Breezango (Tyler Breeze And Fandango) Goldust and RTruth were on commentary during this match and they laughed hard on Breezango after they losed their match against the USOS. Goldust powerslams breeze in the ring Golden Truth Walks away from their.

Roman Reigns music hits at this time and he makes his way to the ring same reaction for the face of company. WWE Universe seriously has no problem with reigns they have the problem with WWE because they dont want none. I mean they don't want him to be champion as a face. Roman Reigns should turn heel that's the case and the company just doesn't want to do that. Roman Reigns Cuts his promo and crowd is giving him mixed reactions. he Ask Seth Rollins if Rollins is THE MAN than he should come right now and face him like a Man. Seth Rollins music hits he makes his way to the ring and crowd is also booing him Because he is the heel here Rollins Grabs The Microphone and wastes everyone time not saying anything and walks off the ramp to backstage reigns music hits he is going backstage crowd is hugely booing both of them. Rollins comes back from backstage and attacks Reigns He Hold World championship high Crowd Boo's Rollins as he goes backstage from the entrance ramp. Old school stuff again and Rollins and Reigns Both of their performance were down in this segment Crowd were booing both of them Noone Was Emotionally Invested In this Segment except the commentary team.

# Rusev def. Zack Ryder via Submission - In Rusev and Lana Opinion Zack Ryder is A Weak American but When Titus O' Neil Looked Him in Eye To Eye Rusev was looking weak.

# Enzo Amore and Big Cass def. The Dudley Boys.

Johncena made his return and he received good reception from the green bay crowd he salutes the heroes on memorial day and talks about that when he was absent a New Era has taken place so some new faces and he wants to meet everyone of them. AJ Styles Music hits he comes to the ring and says he wants to be the first to welcome Johncena On his Return and Shakes his hands. but this was nowhere leading to any Friendship at all then Anderson And Gallows come to the ring which looked like a plan they were ready to kick Cena's ass in Simple Words AJ Styles Turned Heel When Anderson and Gallows Leaved The Ring AJ Styles attacked Cena and punches his face again and again till the referees didn't came out to make the save from AJ's Attack. This Was THE HIGHLIGHT of the show that johncena was attacked by THE CLUB.

# Dana Brooke def. Natalya

# Baron Corbin def. Dolph Ziggler via Disqualification - After Long Years I Think We Have Seen Dolph Ziggler Heel Turn Here He Low-Blowed Baron Corbin.

# Dean Ambrose, Cesaro and Sami Zayn def. Alberto Del Rio, Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho

Our Vital Grade To The Show: B+(plus)


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