WWE Smackdown Review And Reactions: The Highlight Reel Steals The Show

WWE Smackdown Was Being Taped On Tuesday At The Sprint Center In Kansas City, Missouri. WWE SmackDown Opened With Chris Jericho The Highlight Reel And Y2J Was Mocking Everyone in The Crowd And Specially Dean Ambrose And His WWE Talk Show Ambrose Asylum. Jericho's Actual Guest On The Show Was Sami Zayn Who Was Later Interrupted By Intercontinental Champion The Miz And Her Wife Maryse. Now Chris Jericho Was Started And According To Him  Everyone is "Stupid Idiot" Than He Leaves The Ring And The Miz and Sami Zayn Have A Staredown Which Sets Up The First Match For Smackdown. About This Segment I Feel That Heel Jericho is Best Jericho He is Highly Entertaining In His This Mode. Overall it Was a Great Segment The Miz Staredown Against Sami Zayn Was Best.

* Sami Zayn Vs The Miz W/ Maryse

For This Match The Ultimate Heel Kevin Owens Was Present At Commentary Table, So This Was Never Going To End Well. And Kevin Owens Done It What He is Famous For He Interrupted This Bout And Attacks Zayn. This Causes Disqualification In The Match And Sami Zayn Wins This Match Via DQ But KO is Still Attacking Sami Zayn. Swiss Superman Comes Down To The Ring And Makes The Save. This Match Got Everything Moves, Athletism, Storytelling And Interference This Was A Great Match & This Match Tells Us That's How You Start Smackdown Brother.

In A Backstage Segment Karl Anderson And Luke Gallows Tells AJ Styles That He Needs A Go Pro Camera At Extreme Rules PPV Because Of His Phenomenal Abilities In The Ring.

* The Vaudevillians Vs Bo Dallas And Curtis Axel

This Match Was Short And Vaudevillians Wins It Easily After Picking Up The Win Big Cass Comes Out And Hits Vaudevillians With Powebomb For What They Have Done To His Brother Enzo Amore At WWE Payback.

* Natalya And Becky Lynch Vs Emma And Charlotte

This Match Was Pretty Good As WWE is Building Up The Rivalries In Women's Division  One For The Championship And Other Because Of Jealousy In Between Becky Lynch And Emma. This Match Ended With Natalya Trademark Submission Sharpshooter Hold On Emma. Natalya And Becky Wins.

At Backstage AJ Styles Runs Into Roman Reigns And AJ Asks Him Will He Be Involved In Tag Team Main Event Tonight And Roman Says I Can Do Whatever I Want To.

* Rusev Vs Zack Ryder

In This Brief Smackdown Match Rusev Squashed Zack, and Then US Champion Comes Out In The Middle And Tells How He is Looking Forward To Their US Championship Match. Then Kalisto Landed A CorkScrew Elbow On Rusev And Ran back out. This Segment After The Match Was Pretty Good Because Kalisto is US Champion For Three Months Now And We Haven't Seen His Character Much In His Championship Run. This Segment Was Good For Kalisto and also The U.S Title.

In A Backstage Segment R-Truth, Tyler Breeze , Goldust And Fandango Ended Up In A Dance-Off Wrestling.

Up Next:

* Karl Anderson And Luke Gallows Vs The Usos

This Match Started And Got Really Fierced In Opening Minutes Of The Matchup Gallows And Anderson Was Beating Up The Usos Badly Until Roman Reigns Interfered Which Turned This Match Into A Six Man Tag Team Match.

* AJ Styles, Karl Anderson And Luke Gallows Vs Roman Reigns And The Usos

Reigns Picked Up The Win, with a Double set of Spears on Anderson that earned a Pinfall The Usos kept AJ Styles away from breaking up the pin, with Smackdown ending as Reigns and the number one contender had a staredown. Reigns In Ring Work is Great And I Think One More Time We Will See A Really Good Match Against AJ Styles At Extreme Rules Pay Per View.

Our Vital Grade To The Show: 2 Hours Of Good Wrestling And Segments But Although There Were Some Loop Holes So Smackdown Deserves  'A-'  This Week.


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