WWE Monday Night RAW Preview: RAW Heads To Oklahoma City

Monday's are for wrestling and the no. 1 sports entertainment organisation WWE will do live programming tonight for another episode of Monday Night RAW. Tonight WWE Raw will be live from Oklahoma City and it is expected the regular audience of this show and blog will get their answers on some storylines like:

* Why AJ Styles attacked Cena Viciously?? is it because when he was in TNA he was always told that this Shorts, Cap and Tshirt guy is our ratings destroyer. Just kidding.

* Why Seth Rollins doesn't said a word in his promo with Reigns and still come out as the highlight from the show last week?

* What's next for New Day what they have to say on beating which They took from The Club members Anderson and Gallows??

* What This New Era of WWE Represents Shane and Stephanie will tell us that??

* What's the deal between UFC and WWE regarding 'The Beast' 'The Conquerer' Brock Lesnar ?

These Questions and many more doubts will be cleared tonight according to our perspective so we will meet you guys after the show with our RAW Review. till then so longggggg....!! and one more thing do check us our site regularly for latest wrestling updates. YOU KNOW WHAT JUST BOOKMARK US THAT WILL BE EASY!!!.


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