WWE Money In The Bank Preview and Predictions

How You Doing??? Guys First of all we wanted to thank all Of you for making June the best month in Pageviewing history of this site World Wrestling Entertainment is Presenting their next Pay Per View "Money In The Bank" this Sunday Live from T-Mobile Arena In Las Vegas, Nevada and we're so excited for that event where there is more than at stake other than the money and WWE has done a quite fantastic job in booking the matches this time for Money In The Bank. After seeing the Go Home RAW On Monday following are our Predictions:-

# KickOff Show:

* 'Show Off' Dolph Ziggler Vs 'The Lone Wolf' Baron Corbin

WWE has decided that they are not pushing Dolph Ziggler anymore We all know that Dolph has always given his best performance in the squared circle since the beginning but now things have turned the guy who has always been the part of prestigious MITB Ladder Matches isn't even in this year Ladder Match. We don't know where he is heading now but one thing is clear that he will make Baron Corbin a huge star in WWE and our Prediction is that Dolph Ziggler is turning heel soon which is the only way now from where Dolph could get his Star Persona back.

Winner: 'The Lone Wolf' Baron Corbin

* 'The Celtic Warrior' Sheamus Vs Apollo Crews

Rocksteady is rocking the TMNT Universe in Multiplexes we all know about the Role of Sheamus in Movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles which has been released in First Week of June. Sheamus is very entertaining in that movie cutting the Jokes all the time but in WWE he has become a joke from the moment when he turned heel last year at the time before last year Money In The Bank his heel persona is really boring Fans aren't accepting him as a Pure Heel but On the Otherside Natural Athlete Apollo Crews from NXT looks like that he has a Bright Future on the Main Roster Our Prediction for this match is that Crews will get his first WWE Pay Per View win of his career.

Winner: Apollo Crews.

# Money In The Bank PPV:

* Women's Tag Team Match Charlotte (c) and Dana Brooke Vs Natalya and Becky Lynch

WWE Womens Champion Charlotte and her old friend from NXT Dana Brooke has reunited and together they ended Ric Flair After Retirement Appearances in WWE and on the Otherside the Longtime faces in WWE Womens Division Natalya and Becky Lynch have made their team After Seeing Charlotte loosing her match against this week on RAW it is clear that Dana Brooke will turn on Charlotte during this match which will lead them to fighting each other at next WWE pay per view and also we are not too far away from SUMMERSLAM where we will see The BO$$ Sasha Banks fighting Charlotte for the championship.

Winner: Becky and Natalya Will Win and Dana Brooke will turn on Charlotte.

* WWE United States Championship Match - Rusev (c) With Lana Vs Titus O Neil

"MACHKA"- Rusev has made United States Championship Great Again we all know when Kalisto was the US Champion that championship was defended at Kick Off Shows and it really lowed the Prestige of this championship. This Match at MITB Between Titus and Ruse can be a good match Because both are Heavyweights and when they were standing against each other in the ring last week on RAW Made this feud stronger. Titus O Neil is Charismatic and now we think that his time has come WWE will put the US Title On him in our opinion but this rivalry will continue till Summerslam.

Winner: Your New United States Champion Titus O'Neil

* WWE Tag Team Championship A Fatal 4 Way Match Between The New Day (c) vs. The Club vs. Enzo Amore and Big Cass vs. The Vaudevillains

This Battle will continue till Summerslam In Our Opinion.

Winner: The New Day

* Money In The Bank Ladder Match For The MITB Briefcase B/W Chris Jericho Vs Kevin Owens Vs Dean Ambrose Vs Sami Zayn Vs Cesaro Vs Alberto Del Rio Vs TBA

The Moment has come now the hardest part of our prediction post Every man in this match is a Top Notch for the MITB Briefcase you cannot neglect the ability of anyone in this match on this week RAW where every guy from this match was involved in the main event of the RAW. Cesaro was Ring Announcer, Alberto del Rio was time keeper, Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens were on commentary table With Chris Jericho and Dean Ambrose were  in-ring against each other. Like the Main Event On RAW every man will do his Job in this Ladder Match at MITB ppv. It was hard to predict the winner for us from this match but looking at previous decisions made by WWE we are going with Kevin Owens. He will Emerge as your New MITB Briefcase Winner.

Winner: "Money In The Bank" Briefcase Holder Of 2016 Kevin Owens

* Johncena Vs AJ Styles - The Dream Match

"Let's Go Cena !!!! AJ Styles! Let's Go Cena !!!! AJ Styles" . We still can't believe it that its 2016 and Two Of The MVPs in Professional Wrestling will Collide against each other 1 on 1 This Sunday At WWE Money In The Bank ppv. Our Prediction On this match is that AJ Styles will win this match with the Interference from The Club and this feud will definitely be heading all the Pay per views Coming after Money In The Bank so it will be really interesting to see where it goes.

Winner: AJ Styles

* WWE World Heavyweight Championship- Roman Reigns (c) Vs Seth Rollins:

Seth Rollins is back in WWE After recovering from his Knee Injury which he suffered last year at a live event in Ireland. Like every fan was expecting he will be back as a Face but he came back at payback and attacked Reigns from behind. But there is one intresting thing here that Seth Rollins Newest catchphrase is "REDESIGN REBUILD RECLAIM" which feels like its a face catchphrase so never know WWE is about to turn Seth a face at MITB making him champion and Roman will be pissed of fby this he will turn heel and beat down Rollins or a another possibility could be a MITB Winner Cashing it that night and become your Next WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Winner: Seth Rollins or "Money In The Bank" Contract Cash-in.

Let's See If Our Predictions Goes Right For WWE Money In The Bank  This Sunday. Please Let Us Know What You Think About The Money In The Bank Pay Per View and give Your Predictions In The Comments Section Below.

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