WWE RAW Review: The 4th Of July Spirit, Enzo and Cass Helps Cena and Winner Of Our Giveaway

WWE Raw was Live last night from Columbus, Ohio The 4th Of July Holiday Special RAW featured some good segments, some bad segments and some the segments. Monday Night RAW started with a video from a backstage 4th of July food party. Which in reality turned out to be a funny food throwing party where everyone throwed food at each other and Kevin Owens takes guard under a table. when this mess stops he comes out and says "This Would Never Happens On  Canada Day" but the food fight continues and a pie gets thrown over his face which makes him crazy and he throws tables and chairs all around in the hall. The Main Show Starts Lilian Garcia sings America Anthem and after that we got the first match of the night which is a 4th Of July Special United States Championship Match and after that following matches and segments were happened:-

* Rusev (c) With Lana Vs Titus O'Neil For United States Championship

This was the Perfect match up to start the 4th Of July Themed show Audience were emotionally invested into this match chanting USA  in the whole match and they were all rooting for Titus O' Neil but Titus really didn't come up to their expectation or we can say WWE creative didn't wanted that to happen. Rusev was in full control over Titus in the whole match he ended Titus with a Accolade submission maneuver. RUSEV Retains. After The Match Rusev Again Applies Accolade to show his heel character and says "Happy Birthday America" on the mic.

Winner: And Still The United States Champion RUSEV.

Social Outcasts make their way into the ring in dresses of some minutemans from the revelutionary war but Enzo Amore and Big Cass comes out in their Certified G passion with Big Cass ending the talks with S A W F T word. This setsup next match.

* Enzo Amore and Big Cass Vs Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas W/ Heath Slater At Ringside

This was a sweet little power packed tag team match where there was not much of a chance for Social Outcasts to win this match in the end Big Cass performs his maneuver and pins Bo Dallas. BIG BADA BOOM. Match Over.

Winner: Enzo Amore and Big Cass.

With All The Advertisements Up next we were going to see the first Main Stream segment of the night where Sasha Banks confronts WWE Women's Champion Charlotte which was heated as it moved on. After all the facts talking Dana Brooke Attacks Sasha but Sasha tosses her and locks Dana Brooke in The Bank Statement then Charlotte pulls Dana out of the ring Sasha Remains in the ring and WWE Women's Champion Charlotte stares Sasha as she walks backwards to the ramp with Dana Brooke.

Next Match.

* WWE Champion Dean Ambrose Vs
WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz With Maryse

"He is The Miz and He is Awesome !!!" His Awesomeness is well known to every member of WWE Universe  with Maryse he is even more "Awesomatic" !! (New Word Order) ha! Dean Ambrose won this match which was obvious because for now WWE can't afford so many competitors in the main stream Miz is making Mid Card Division Cool and let's see where his IC Title Run Leads him after losing this match. Ambrose ends this match Via his DIRTY DEEDS Maneuver.

Winner: Dean Ambrose

After the match Seth Rollins walks out to interrupts Ambrose Victory Dean Ambrose Pats Rollins back and leaves the Ring he stops at the ramp stares Rollins and runs through the ramp to the ring like he was there to attack Rollins but he quickly leaves the ring and sits at the commentary table to watch Seth Rollins Face Dolph Ziggler. NEXT...

* Seth Rollins Vs Dolph Ziggler

Dean Ambrose is at commentary table Dolph Ziggler makes his way into the ring. This match presented  great wrestling Ziggler deserves a huge applause for his ability of selling the moves we mean he is a veteran in this buisness his top notch move selling makes him a valuable performer for WWE. this match was long and Ambrose at Commentary was absolute fun. Seth Rollins wins this compelling match Via a Pedigree.

Winner: Seth Rollins

After The Match Seth Rollins Rants Random Facts On Roman Reigns on which he was supported by the Crowd but all this talks came to an end after Dean Ambrose attacks Rollins. Its Ovahhh!!!. Lunatic Fringe Stands tall ends the segment.

It was announced that a former Smackdown GM was there to make a claim over Smackdown Live and EXCUSE ME!!! Viva Larazzza "Vickie Guerrero" made his way on to stage and tells the crowd Excuse her !! she wants to run Smackdown Live Security comes over takes her backstage where she begs Dolph Ziggler To help her from getting removed from the building. Dolph Helps her and says "I Have Never Seen this Woman in My Whole Life" security takes her out. Commercials!!

For Next Match Breezango were sitting ringside to see.

* The Golden Truth( Goldust and R-Truth defeating The Vaudevillains

* Johncena Talks With The Club

Johncena talks with the club this whole segment was the headliner of the night. during this segment The Club said to Cena that no one will come out to help him and they move towards him to attack but Bonafide Studs and Certified G's  Big Cass and Enzo Amore Comes Out To Make The Save. this segment sets up the 6 ManTag Match at Battleground PPV coming this July 23rd.

In Next Match

* Becky Lynch defeated Summer Rae

This match was little rough because we thought that Becky should have finish Summer quickly but it didn't go as we were expecting.

* Team USA (Big Show, Jack Swagger, Mark Henry, The Dudley Boyz, Kane, Zack Ryder and Apollo Crews) Vs Team Multinational Alliance (Chris Jericho, Sami Zayn, Cesaro, The Lucha Dragons, Alberto Del Rio, Sheamus and Kevin Owens)

Team USA won with Big Show and Zack Ryder closing the night Eliminating Members Of Team Multinational Alliance.

Show Ends With American Flag Rising above the Ring and pyros going over. BIG BADA BOOM.

that's all folks....

Happy 4th Of July!!!!!!

Our Vital Grade To The Show: There were some humourful segments but it didn't really impressed the audience of the show that's why it deserves a Major 'B' !!!!


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