RAW Vs Smackdown Live: This Week Viewership Showdown Who Won ??

Last Weekend was filled with Sports and Entertainment UFC 202, NXT Takeover Brooklyn on Saturday Night and The Biggest Event of the Summer - Summerslam On Sunday night in Brooklyn after these three Succesful Events.

The term "Mondays's are for Wrestling" standed tall again with Longest Running weekly Juggernaut of Sports Entertainment - Monday Night RAW went live where Finn Balor Relinquished his newly won Universal Championship After that the very next night on Tuesday at Smackdown Live SD Live Commisioner Shane Mcmahon Introduced two new Smackdown Live Championships. RAW and Smackdown Both Presented Pretty Awesome Shows this week. But Who Won ??? The Viewership Showdown Between them.. Don't Worry we have all the stats presented below:-

According to Showbuzzdaily.com The Overall Average Viewerships of both the Shows are:

Monday Night RAW: 3.31 Million Viewers

Tuesday Night Smackdown Live: 2.71 Million Viewers

RAW(3.31 Million Viewers) > Smackdown Live(2.71 Million Viewers)

Both The Shows were great this week But we liked Smackdown Live more over Monday Night RAW.

which show did you like tell us your thoughts in comments section below ??

RAW Vs Smackdown Live

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