WWE RAW Review: Final Hype For Summerslam and Brock Lesnar Steals The Show

WWE Monday Night Raw was Live last night from Corpus Christi, Texas The final Raw before Summerslam Pay Per View this Sunday in Brooklyn, New York Last Night RAW featured some Good Segments Some Bad Segments and Some The Segments. GOOD SEGMENTS Included The Opening Session with Rusev and her Wife Lana who started the show with Yelling at the Crowd about how Roman Reigns ruined the Biggest Moment in their Life Last Week on RAW but then Certified GM Mick Foley comes out and Yells at Rusev to immediately Leave the ring but Rusev Says he doesn't consider Mick Foley as the GM. Rusev Demands Stephanie Mcmahon to come out to the ring right that moment RAW Commisioner Stephanie Mcmahon makes her way to the ring and joins our Certified GM but the HEEL FACE Stephanie sides Mick and she says Rusev Beheaviour is just unacceptable Rusev is all crazy and demands some Respect but Respect didn't came Roman Reigns shows up and Receives mixed reactions from the Texas Crowd. Reigns did some Great work on his promo this time around and A Fierce Faceoff between him & Rusev takes place Foley Breaks it off and make their match against each Other this Sunday at Summerslam. 

The Announcing Team of RAW Michael Cole, Byron Saxton and Corey Graves addresses the Audience that Former Today Show host Jon Stewart will also make an appearance at WWE Summerslam this Sunday in Brooklyn, NY. BAD SEGMENTS Included The Sheamus which was weird and we should all agree on this that Sheamus is getting weird day by day where is he heading with his Current Persona Really !!! No Idea ??? by the way He Lost his Match against The Underdog Sami Zayn and then stares down Cesaro. Later that night it was announced that Cesaro Vs Sheamus will be the part of their very own "BEST OF SEVEN SERIES" and the first match of this series is Official for Summerslam this Sunday.

WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day were in Action against The Dudley Boyz(Bubba and D-von) This match didn't go too long and Tag Team Champions wins this match Via Pinfall. after the match Gallows and Anderson videos runs in which they claim blah blah blah .... they will be tag team champions at Summerslam. NEW DAY ROCKS(their New Day will start after Summerslam). Gallows and Anderson were later in a match against The Team of RTruth and Goldust which they won dominating the Golden Truth in split seconds Via their Tag Finisher MAGIC KILLER.


THE SEGMENTS included the promo of the New Formed Team of Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens "JERI-KO" thank god Chris Jerich partner is not JIM MARVINUDER. These two are killing it in the promos and their opponents at Summerslam are 2 of the best Young Stars in WWE the CERTIFIED G's Enzo Amore and Big Cass. Lets Take a Moment guys What Describes Chris Jericho the Best these days ??? "IT" whaaattt "IT" !!!!!  a singles match took place between Kevin Owens and Big Cass which ended up with Jericho Attacking Big Cass at ringside and causing a DisQualification in the match. Big Cass Won.

Seth 'Freakin' Rollins
Seth Rollins was eager last night to meet Demon King Persona of Finn Balor Which he got to meet in a segment at RAW Last Night DEMON KING is really helping the Universal Championship match to be Hyped this weekend at Summerslam. Not to be forgotten that a fan from the Audience tried to reach Rollins last night in Corpus Christi, Texas we don't know if that was the part of storyline or not.

BROCK LESNAR did make an appearance last night and received humungous ovision from the crowd at Corpus Christi, Texas. as always his advocate Paul Heyman did all the talking and Hyped Orton Vs Lesnar pretty well at the end of that segment Brock Lesnar smiled at the Crowd. Readers here is a quick question who are you backing up at Summerslam ? Orton Or Lesnar. Let Us Know In The Comments Section.

Main Event: 

GREAT Call by the WWE at the rightime after Battleground Roman Reigns is getting in the eyes of WWE Universe again in a good way now. Roman Won the Match against Rusev last night and this kept all of us thinking who will won at Summerslam between these two.

Monday Night Raw last night Overall put on a better show than Last Week Below Average Show Our Vital Grade To The RAW Corpus Christi is B+(plus)

thats all folks !!!


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