Monday Super Killswitch: Top 5 WWE Theme Songs In 2016

KILLSWITCH !! A Wrestling Maneuver previously known as THE UNPRETTIER back in the attitude era. It was mostly used as a finisher by Christian who is a 18+ year Veteran in Professional Wrestling. Some of you may not know that I am a huge Christian Fan Or I can say that "I'M A Fanatical Peep" so, I decided to start a weekly special segment on this blog which will be called MONDAY SUPER KILLSWITCH featuring the latest buzz in my social life.

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Monday Super Killswitch

Top 5 WWE Theme Songs In 2016

Courtesy: WWE Music

My Love For Professional Wrestling is very well known to everyone. You Know what makes Professional Wrestling COOL there are lot of things that make wrestling cool and One of Them is the Theme Songs of Different Superstars and their Valets. Today I am gonna list my Top 5 WWE Theme Song In 2016.

But First I Want To Start This By Featuring My Favourite Theme Song Of All Time.

* JUST CLOSE YOUR EYES !!! - Christian 

I am a Fanatical PEEP So, Obviously before I go through the list of My Favourite 5 WWE Theme Song This Year Then Christian Theme Song Just Close Your Eyes would always be the First One To Be Featured here in The Third Edition of MONDAY SUPER KILLSWITCH.

My Favourite 5 WWE Theme Songs In 2016 Are:

5. SAWFT IS A SIN - Enzo and Cass

I Always Get Pretty Excited When This Theme Songs Hits The Screen On any WWE Show Because I Know that i am about to be Entertained By These Two Certified G's and Bonafide Studs. SAWFT !!!!


Finn Balor Relinquished his Universal Title On Monday Night RAW Last Week that was so unfortunate but Finn Balor will be back better than ever after his Rehab till then we can listen his theme song which is GREAT and suits his Gimmick and that fact makes it One Of My Favourites One In 2016.


Some of You may argue with me on Why AJ Styles theme song is On Number 3 you know what I asked Myself this Question many times while i was writing this post because this Theme Song is So Awesome !! " NO, THEY DON'T WANT NONE" .


When I First Listened this theme I Marked Out Hard this theme song is Deserving one to be on Spot No. 3. Have A GLOROUS Day !!

1. THE RISING SUN (feat. Lee England Jr.) - Shinsuke Nakamura

"King Of Strong Style" Shinsuke Nakamura won The NXT Championship at NXT Takeover Brooklyn Last Weekend after beating the Former NXT Champion Samoa Joe but did you guys saw his Entrance that night. If You Haven't Seen than you're missing one of the Best Thing done by WWE after Wrestlemania 32 Triple H Entrance.

thats all folks !!!

Above Listed Theme Song Were My Favourite 5 In 2016 Do Not Forget to Share Yours in The Comments Section Below. THANK YOU FOR READING.

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