RAW Vs Smackdown Live: The Viewership Battle. Who Won ???

This Week was Real Hectic for Professional Wrestling Fans after the WWE Draft RAW and Smackdown Live Rosters and their Personalities Always Try To Battle It Out Against each other. WWE Raw got a Negative Reaction this Week and On The Otherside Smackdown Live came out Over and Presented a Good Show. So, Did Smackdown Live Beated The Juggernaut RAW this Week in Ratings See Below:-

According To ShowbuzzDaily.Com Overall Average Viewerships of The Shows Are :

Monday Night RAW: 2.95 Million Viewers

Tuesday Night Smackdown Live: 2.45 Million Viewers

RAW (2.95 Million Viewers) > Smackdown Live (2.45 Million Viewers)

RAW Won in The Numbers but Monday Night Raw this week garnered their Lowest Audience In This New Era for The First Time.

RAW Vs Smackdown Live

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