WWE Summerslam Review and Analysis: Cena Vs Styles Match Of The Year Worthy and Nikki Bella Returned

WWE Summerslam Review

Last Night at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York The Biggest Event of the Summer went down Alrighty this is our review for the Summerslam and You know we always present to you the truth of the shows and guess what we never claim to be critics or we know something exaggerated about Professional Wrestling. Friends we're just the fans like you and we represent opinions from different people around this Professional Wrestling. Ok, Enough of Philosophy lets get back to Summerslam Our Match By Match Review below:-

Full Results of Summerslam here: bit.ly/summerslam2016results

First Match which went down was a tag team match b/w The Team JERI-KO and Team Which ain't SAWFT Enzo Amore & Big Cass it was a fun match and was a great opener for summerslam 15 minutes of this match were perfect at the end KO Powerbombs Enzo Amore and Team JERI-KO Wins.

Before the next match The Club and AJ Styles were talking backstage that how AJ is ready to #BeatUpJohncena and Finn Balor was walking from there all of them looked at each other and Balor Smiles walks away. this backstage segment kept us thinking that may be Balor Club is reuniting on RAW in coming weeks anyway next match was for the WWE Womens Championship between Champion Sasha Banks and No.1 Contender was Former Womens Champion Charlotte this match was Okay but the result came out and shocked everyone Because The Boss Sasha Banks lost her title to Charlotte it was less than 30 days reign for Sasha it was a title change which we were not expecting.

Next match was for WWE Intercontinental Championship B/w The Current Champ Miz and The underdog of Smackdown Apollo Crews this match was short around 5 minutes of time and we're happy that The Miz is Still The Intercontinental Champion he is doing great with this championship and we're looking forward for more but Apollo Crews is also a super talented guy when it comes to In-Ring Abilities but he really need to work on his Expressions.

AJ Styles Vs Johncena: what a performance by both of these world class athletes it is clearly the match of the year contender or in our opinion this match is the winner in this category. AJ Styles won this match and Johncena was throughly appreciated by the Brooklyn Crowd and by WWE Universe around the world.

Big E Return was fantastic in next match He Saved Jon Stewart Balls there and After That We All know The New Day members are Superior when it comes to that "BOOTY DANCE". WWE Championship match was little off the track because if WWE is thinking to push ziggler than They should do it Right Dolph Ziggler lost this match and once again he is back again at zero. 

One of the highlights from last night was Nikki Bella return in an Six Man Women Tag match which obviously won by her team. Nikki looked Great at her return she is fab and she added Star Power to the Show. The Universla Championship match was a good one Seth and Finn are two of the great performers in the world and they put on an Awesome match for the Championship. in the end Demon King Finn Balor pulled it off and won his first wwe world title at a Major Pay Per View. Social Media was filled with bad talks regarding the Universal Championship look but in our opinion its good and Everyone should know that Champion makes the Championship great not the look of the title. We Saw a Rowdy Aggressive Roman Reigns last night man oh man he destroyed Rusev before the match could even get started we have to wait and watch where this storyline goes from here.

How many times we see a winner by TKO in Wrestling  we don't remember when this was happened the last time Brock Lesnar showed that in reality he is a Beast a Mercinary who just doesn't care who you are or what you do ?? He Bloodied Randy orton badly for which Randy Orton Received 10 Staples on the head and after the match he also dusmantled Shane McMahon with a F5 ending the Suummerslam leaving everyone in question.

Our Vital Grade To The Show: B-(minus)

PERFORMERS OF THE NIGHT: AJ Styles and Johncena.

thats all folks !!!!

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