Monday Super Killswitch: 5 WWE Superstars Who Seriously Need To Evolve Their Character

KILLSWITCH !! A Wrestling Maneuver previously known as THE UNPRETTIER back in the attitude era. It was mostly used as a finisher by Christian who is a 18+ year Veteran in Professional Wrestling. Some of you may not know that I am a huge Christian Fan Or I can say that "I'M A Fanatical Peep" so, I decided to start a weekly special segment on this blog which will be called MONDAY SUPER KILLSWITCH featuring the latest buzz in my social life.

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Monday Super Killswitch

5 WWE Superstars Who Seriously Needs To Evolve

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Five Time ! Five Time ! Five Time ! Yes !!!! Monday Super Killswitch is Five Time Strong Now Its The Fifth Edition of Monday Super Killswitch and I am Presenting a List of WWE Superstars Who Seriously needs to evolve their Character. Some Of You May Agree with me and some of you may not but We Fans can all agree on this thing that I'm a Big Time WWE Fan Like you guys and The Truth is WWE is getting a little bit on the Boring side, If You Don't Think so, Just Look at The Ratings Guys and Pay Per Views Numbers everything indicates that WWE is getting less interesting. So, That's why I am giving some names of WWE Superstars who really needs to put some Evolution to their Characters Right Now in World Wrestling Entertainment:-

5. Dean Ambrose

Dean Ambrose

I was checking out my Facebook Feed after Last Night Clash Of Champions ppv and I Found a Meme where Backlash ppv of Smackdown Brand was Ranked higher than the RAW's Clash of Champions and i completely agree with that Smackdown's Backlash was a great ppv in All than the Clash of Champions. WWE Backlash was main evented by Dean Ambrose and The Man Who Runs the Place AJ Styles which obviously won by AJ Styles and I Liked It. The Thing I didn't Like was that Dean Ambrose didn't carry that WWE Championship with pride Really People got bored when he was carrrying that championship which is a big concern Because Smackdown's 'A' Guy is Dean Ambrose and The Brand Expects so much from him which he didn't delivered. He is Main Eventing NO MERCY pay per view with Johncena and AJ Styles for the championship we all have to wait to see where his character goes from here.

4. Baron Corbin

Baron Corbin

A Man From NXT Makes a big impact at Wrestlemania 32 after winning Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal Trophy but after that he gets mixed into the Lower Mid Card of WWE Main Roster Fans Just Don't Like him there is a saying in between the fans That Baron Corbin lacks in Charisma which is true in some aspects but we shouldn't forget that he is a great In-Ring Performer i think he is a Victim of Bad Booking in WWE but now on Smackdown Live they're trying to get something good out of him and Jack Swagger the former World Champion we have to stick to watch Smackdown Live in Coming Weeks.

3. Titus O'Neil

Titus O'Neil

Holla ! Holla ! Holla! Millions and Dollars, Millions and Dollars !!! Please Stop I Know How Good Titus is In-Ring but his promos kind-a-SUCKS not "Kind-a" his Promos Really Sucks he needs to put some work out in his Promos and Seriously he should decide and tell the Creative that what he wants to do with his Character ?? A Lot of Work Needed with his current Character.

2. Sheamus

 If You're a regular Reader of this blog than you know that I'm Not a Fan of This Sheamus Please !! WWE He Looks Stupid... Seriously Back In 2010 when sheamus was King of The Ring he was playing as a HEEL which he did it perfect but this Present Day sheamus character doesn't Lead Him Anywhere good. In My Opinion he should take some time-off the TV and make a come back as a FACE which will be great to see. FELLAA!!!!

1. Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler
By Heart, After Christian and Edge I'm a Huge Dolph Ziggler Fan but right now what WWE is doing with him he is Loosing every damn big match whether is it for the World Title or Intercontinental Title WWE is making him loose every match. which Seriously damaging his Character in WWE. I don't know what WWE wants to do with him Other Fans Like Me wants to see that Show Off Dolph Back who became The Lone Survivor in Survivor Series 2014. Please WWE ! do something.

In The End I want say all these 5 Superstars are great Performers but in my opinion Changes are much needed for their characters in WWE to keep the product interesting. I never claim to be a Critic I am a Fan of WWE and i'm just expressing my views about what i feel about the product. All Views in this post are solely mine.

thats all folks !!!!

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