Monday Super Killswitch: Top 5 Championships In WWE (defunct championships included)

KILLSWITCH !! A Wrestling Maneuver previously known as THE UNPRETTIER back in the attitude era. It was mostly used as a finisher by Christian who is a 18+ year Veteran in Professional Wrestling. Some of you may not know that I am a huge Christian Fan Or I can say that "I'M A Fanatical Peep" so, I decided to start a weekly special segment on this blog which will be called MONDAY SUPER KILLSWITCH featuring the latest buzz in my social life.

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Monday Super Killswitch

Top 5 Championships In WWE

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Fourth Edition of Monday Super Killswitch is here guys !!! how you doin ??? this past week was one of the Greatest week for wrestling fans. Kevin Owens became the second ever WWE Universal Champion after defeating Big Cass, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins in Fatal 4 Way Elimination Match. The Game Triple H made his return Last Week in Houston and helped Kevin Owens in Conquering the Universal Championship. Universal Title was first introduced by RAW GM Mick Foley at Summerslam In Brooklyn and Everyone Hated The Design of Universal Championship. So, Today I'm Gonna List my Top 5 Championships Used in WWE (defuncts Included):-

5. WWE United States Spinner Championship

"Wordlife" This is The "Basic Thugganomics" !! haha.. Who can forget the funky rapper Chain Gang Soldier Johncena and his specially designed Spinner Belts. This U.S. Championship Spinner has to be in the Top 5 or Top 10 list in Every Professional Wrestling fan of this world.

4. WWE Spinner Championship

WWE Spinner Championship Existed For 8 Years After it was introduced By Johncena in 2005 This Championship is Wayfarer to the Modern Day WWE I mean Edge, Cm Punk, Randy Orton, The Miz, Sheamus, Rey Mysterio and The Rock won this championship and that's why its history makes this WWE Championship AWESOME !!! IT SPINS !!!!!!!

3. WWE World Heavyweight Championship

In 2013, The Night After Survivor Series then World Heavyweight Champion Johncena made a Challenge to then WWE Champion Randy Orton after a month at TLC Randy Orton defeated Johncena and Unified the WWE Champonship and World Heavyweight Championship after all the Daniel Bryan stories and his title run this Newly Designed WWE World Heavyweight Championship was Introduced and Brock Lesnar became the first man to wear this Prestigious Title Around his waist after his Summerslam Victory over Then WWE World Champion Johncena. This Title is Currently a part of Smackdown Live Roster and DEAN AMBROSE is the Current WWE World Champion.

2. WWE Intercontinental Championship

I Like this title so much Current Intercontinental Championship represents a Class and Elegance behind it.White Leather Straps attracts any individual to this Classy Title. The Miz is the Current Intercontinental Champion and This Belt is the Part of Smackdown Live Roster.

Now, I'm here to disclose my Favourite Championship Used in WWE..... DRUMROLLS !!

1. ECW Championship

In 2006 ECW came under WWE and WWE Introduced it as their 3rd Brand with RAW and Smackdown This New ECW Belt design was introduced by ECW General Manager Theodore Long.This design features a large black leather strap with five platinum pieces. The large center piece features a design of a phoenix over a globe in the center with its wings expanded and rays of light emitting from it. At the top of the piece, the WWE logo and the words "World Wrestling Entertainment" are engraved with "ECW" in large letters engraved prominently over the phoenix. I Really wish that this title could come back in WWE. It was retired in February 2010.

thats all folks !!!

Above Listed Championships are My Favourite 5 Championships of All Time. Do not forget to share yours in Comments Section below. THANK YOU FOR READING.

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