RAW Vs Smackdown Live: This Week's Viewership Showdown. Who Won ??

This Week's "Labor Day" Edition of Monday Night RAW was Pretty Average in terms of The Content and Storylines Presentation and so, does The Smackdown Live was very Underwhelming as well. WWE Creative needs to do a lot of work to do for these shows. Smackdown Live First ppv WWE Backlash is this sunday in Richmond, Virginia and After seeing  Smackdown Live this tuesday it seems that The Hype for Backlash isn't done right.

According to ShowBuzzDaily.com Overall Viewership of Both The Shows are:

Monday Night RAW: 3.06 Million Viewers

Smackdown Live: 2.45 Million Viewers

RAW (3.06 Million Viewers) > Smackdown Live (2.45 Million Viewers)

Both The Flagship Shows of WWE Sees a Big Drop in Their Viewership from Last Week and This happened on a Labor Day Holiday Edition of RAW this could be a big concern for WWE as they are loosing Viewership Straight Second Week

RAW Vs Smackdown Live: The Viewership Showdown

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