TNA Impact Wrestling Review: Interesting Show To Hype The Bound For Glory PPV

We're just 3 days away from witnessing TNA's Bound For Glory ppv and Last Night The Final Show before the Big ppv Went Down on Pop TV regardless of the bad rumours are going this whole week about TNA's Future still #ImpactOnPOP was the positive hashtag of last night. I acknowledged in my preview post that I don't give a shit about those Smarkitty fans who just want to spread the Fuck out about TNA. Anyway I watched the show and I Liked it so, here is my review.

The Great War
The Go-home show before Bound For Glory started with Jeremy Borash introducing EC3 and Lashley as the captains of their respective teams for Lethal Lockdown last night The Team Announced One By One it was as follows:

Team EC3: Ethan Carter III(c), Aron Rex, Moose and Gail Kim

Team Lashley: Lashley(c), Drew Galloway, Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis

After The Teams were announced They Talked a Lot of Trash about Each Other seriously Trash Talks were at its peak EC3 throws a challenge that they will start this Lethal Lockdown one on one and Lashley Accepts it. It felt like a Legit Opening Segment where you don't know who is coming on teams(Except You haven't Checked The Tapings Results).

Next Up was The X-Division Title Match Between DJZ and Eddie Edwards this was good compelling match DJZ won this match by Applying ZDT to Eddie Edwards after the match Heel Helms Dynasty comes out and beats up both the guys and Helms Dynasty received the Perfect Heel reactions from the crowd at Impact Zone in Orlando.

The Segment I Liked the most was the Knockouts Segment where Beautiful Allie is playing like in Wrestling we say a Babyface Protege of Maria which is more than fine and she is BAE too. Allie was about to cry in this segment than Maria says this is what a woman should look like. I am telling you Maria You're Gonna Get it Very soon.. Oh What !! IT !!(Jericho Catchphrase) Next match was Between Killa Queen Madison Rayne and Laurel Van Ness(a pretty big name) Madison Rayne loses this match to a newcomes. Allie Announces Laurel as Winner of the Match By The Order of Maria.

Drew Galloway and Aron Rex is taking themselves to another level their cheap shots and brawl are really making this Grand Championship a must see battle by the way Security comes out to stop this brawl between these two Bonafide Impact Superstars.

BROKEN Matt Hardy has became the trademarc of TNA on Impact last night they showed it one other time that THE GREAT WAR b/w Decay and The Hardys will be Phenomenal but i didn't like the recaps of the whole rivalry everytime(its my opinion). Reby Hardy vs Rosemary was a short story telling match You know Reby is not the regular wrestler neither i saw Rosemary wrestle alot but both of them told a good story from their Short match it was ended in a DQ. After all the Vignette of Cody Rhodes and Decay a Sitout interview b/w Gail Kim and Maria Took place it was all Hall Of Fame vs Title in the conversation. The Fixer Tyrus talks about Bound For Gold match ELI Dummy DRAKE interrupts and throws a offer for Buisness Partnership but thanks The Fixer isn't Interested.

Main Event Time(Team EC3 Vs Team Lashley) Lethal Lockdown

Gail Kim and Maria took their rivalry up the ramp and went backstage the Ladies didn't have much in this match but This Lethal Lockdown match was good they mixed up all champions and contenders in the storyline and made it a great Final Hype for bound for glory Pay Per View this sunday. EC3 passed out last Team Lashley wins this. Moose played a Great Part in this match. THE END.

Our Vital Grade To The Show: B+(plus) Bound For Glory pay per view looks hot on paper TNA BFG is Promising a Great Show this Sunday.

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