RAW Vs Smackdown Live: The Viewership Battle. Who Won ??

WWE Went Up This Week After Smackdown Live Exclusive ppv 'No Mercy' happened Last Sunday in Sacramento, California After It Very Next Night WWE Juggernaut Show RAW was live this week from Oakland California which became the night where Paul Heyman issued a challenge On Behalf of Brock Lesnar to Bill Goldberg for a one-on -one match which Goldberg will address next week on RAW.

The Main Event on RAW was between 'The Creator of List' Chris Jericho and Seth Rollins which obviously was won by Seth the match in itself was amazing Jericho and Rollins gave everything to itbut that didn't help RAW too much in getting up in Viewership this week On Tuesday Night Smackdown Live killed it with another Good Show from their chest. The Viewership Stats are in and Let's See who won the viewership battle this week:

According To ShowbuzzDaily.com   The Average Total of The Viewership This Week is:

Monday Night RAW: 2.80 Million Viewers

Smackdown Live: 2.45 Million Viewers

RAW(2.80 Million Viewers) < Smackdown Live(2.45 Million Viewers)

Smackdown Live Wins This Week In Viewership Battle as they saw a Good Overall Rise to their Viewership this week and Monday Night RAW Viewership Remained Constant Compared  To The Last Week.

tell us your thoughts which show was your favourite and which Team Are You On In The Comments Section Below.

Raw Vs Smackdown Live

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