RAW Vs Smackdown Live: The Viewership Showdown. Who Won ??

RAW Vs Smackdown Live

According To ShowbuzzDaily.com The Average Viewership of Both The Shows are:-

On Monday December 12 This Week's WWE Raw drew an average of 2.75 million viewers which is decreased from their last week's numbers(2.97 Million Viewers) where as on the other side Tuesday Night's Smackdown Live drew an average of 2.48 Million Viewers To Their Show.

Monday Night RAW: 2.75 Million Viewers

Smackdown Live: 2.48 Million Viewers

RAW(2..75 Million Viewers) > Smackdown Live(2.48 Million Viewers)

As a 3 Hour Show RAW Really Needs To Work On Their Time Management and Smackdown Live was better show than RAW this week.

Which Show Was Your Favourite One This Week ?? Let Us Know In Comments Section Below.

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