4 Legit Reasons To Hate Jake Paul

Jake Paul

Jake Paul an ex-vine star, actor on disney's popular show bizaardvark and the Youtube Sensation is in trouble as he might be getting sued by his neighbours who claims that its terrorizing to live in West Hollywood as Jake Paul and Members of his Company Team 10 create chaos all the time in the surroundings.

His reign of Terror might be over soon as the neighbours are planning to meet the local authorities of West Hollywood, LA to file a class action LAW SUIT. you might think he is just recording his life but here are 5 Legit Reasons to hate Jake Paul:


Playing a Victim Its Everyday Bro !! Jake Paul is an a**hole who thinks he is always the victim in every situation i mean come on ! dude When he kicked his Ex-Girlfriend Alissa Violet out of Team 10 house he was the Victim. when his brother Logan Paul dissed him back he was the victim again but that idiot started every controversy in the first place and then at end  of the day he present himself as the victim in every situation.


Jake Paul made a music video where he's bragging about subscribers, wealth and kicking out his ex girlfriend Alissa Violet out of the house The Song he made was called - IT's EVERYDAY BRO ! it got over 65 Million hits on Youtube after that he thought he can start his music career and made More Shitty Music Videos and Songs some of them are "Ohio Fried Chicken" and "JERIKA" song which also stars his fake youtube wife Erika Costell(another member of team 10). he didn't stopped there than he called out famous Hip-Hop Artist Kendrick Lamar and one more time bragged about his shitty rap song.


Clickbaity Titles for life !! he is the worse when it comes to give a title to his Everyday Vlogs. you wanna know why his videos get so much recognition because he fools little 12 year olds by making Clickbaity Titles.


A Tweet went viral few weeks back stating that he was famous for bullying other kids in the school okay so i know everyone changes and they try to become a better person when they grow up but he evolved his bullying skills and still bully people for his Vlog Content and Youtube Money. He addressed this whole bully thing on one of his Brother Vlog few weeks back he said "If I did Bully him Where is the proof ??" so this guy needs a f**king proof on him being a complete a**hole to other kids in past. His latest Bullying Incident came out from Yesterday when KTLA5 News Reporter interviewed Jake Paul he commented on reporter shoes by saying "What are Those ?" and everyone shouted !! wow what a wonderful thing to do seriously someone needs to take action against this dude. who is corrupting the minds of little 12 years old and teenagers.

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  1. This dude needs to see that there is life outside of business his neighbours are really the victim in this whole scenario.

  2. uggggg so many haters he just grinds every day and makes more money than the loser who posted this article


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