Goon 2: The Last of the Enforcers Teaser Trailer Released: Sean Gets Bloody Again On The Ice

Goon 2

In 2011 When Goon 1 made a good fortune on the box office everyone was waiting for the Sequel of this Ice Hockey Sport based on true events classic the lead character Doug glatt took one hell of a beating from Ross "The Boss" Rhea(played by Liev Schrieber). GOON 2 trailer has all the things you expect from a movie trailer. Doug Glatt(Sean W Scott) and his wife Eva(Alison Pill) are about to start the greatest journey of all  "PARENTHOOD".

Actor Jay Baruchel is making his return in this movie as a Co-writer and Director of the movie GOON: LAST OF THE DEFENDERS will be released in limited theatres on September 1 2017 just before a month ahead from NHL Season which is starting from October 4 2017.

Goon 2 has already been released in Canada.

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