Bryan Le better knows as RICEGUM is an american youtube personality and a social media star he first started his Youtube channel back in 2012 and is popular of roasting other Internet Personalities these days Ricegum is really popping up on youtube because of his 5 Star Hot Bars Diss Tracks on Jake Paul and Tanner Fox.... so following are his Top 3 Diss Tracks of all time to this date:-

#3 RiceGum - I Didn't Hit Her (TheGabbieShow Diss Track) (Official Music Video)

Its True He Didn't Hit Her(Gabbie Hanna) !!!!!

#2 RiceGum - Its EveryNight Sis feat. Alissa Violet (Official Music Video)

"It's Everyday Bro" Sensation Jake Paul got dissed f**king hard by his EX-Girlfriend Alissa Violet and Rice Like Our Post On Jake Paul check it out here...

 TEAM 100 > TEAM 10 !!!! 

#1 RiceGum - God Church ( Official Music Video )

GOD CHURCH is absolutely phenomenal !!! Tanner Fox's We Do It Best is a Little b**ch in front of this Diss Track Sensation !!

Let Us Know about your Favourite Diss Tracks and Videos done by Ricegum in the Comments Section Below.

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