The Worst Youtube Pranksters In India

Youtube India

PRANK: "a practical joke or mischievous act"

Nowadays With The Aid of Youtube any Idiot with smartphone can instantly broadcast their Talentless antics to the World and make money out of it no matter how Harmless, Racist, Unfunny or Pointless He/She truly is.  Some of them are THE WORSTS. Here are some of those Special Morons who are the Worst Youtube Pranksters of India:-


Crazy Sumit

Crazy Sumit.... F**king kissing pranks for life!!!! he is probably the Biggest IDIOT of Youtube Prank Community in India this B**ch faced M'fer is famous for his KISS and RUN prank on girls after this  DELHI POLICE and Indian Media gave him a name which suits him perfectly: "DELHI KA SUNKY SERIAL KISSER" he crossed all the limits of doing pranks and got the super special treatment from the cops. As we all know that KISS and RUN prank was completely fake but Dude !!! you should know your limits... For Petty Youtube Money this Stupid Idiot Crossed all the f**king limits !!! he shouldn't be forgiven ... nowadays he is back again with stupid pranks with the same abusive behaviour. LESSONS LEARNED = ZERO


Love Rudrakash(in right)

We Go One Step Professional for this dude and his team...... Staged Interview + Staged Pranks + Sexual Content + Girls + Touching Strangers Hand 😂😂 = Love Rudrakash Channel so, this guy is open about what he does !! he makes adult videos for youtube aka corrupting the minds of youngsters. One of his team member AISHWARYA SINGH recently stated in an interview that "Youtube Demands Sexual Content" thats why they do these such videos !!! so, okay here is a little fact Love Rudrakash channel has now over 3.5 lacs subscribers and he started this tradition of staged kissing interviews plus asking adult questions in public... now his crew member blames audience that they demand Sexual Content. but you started all of this in the first place.... His Videos are getting worse than ever. in the end... All We Can say that MAKE YOUR CONTENT BETTER instead of blaming other people !!!



"THE CLICKBAIT DUO" is the perfect name for these two guys from Delhi... FACT: If COMMENT TROLLING and GOLD DIGGER weren't the hot topic on Youtube these guys will not be even present on the Youtube and SURPRISE ELEMENT is that they have over 1.9 lac subscribers on their channel... clickbaity titles and staged pranks is their genre !!! Worst of the Worst pranksters aka so called YouTubers. Their latest videos stats can tell you the whole story of their Youtube Channel... Subscribers are 1.9 lac and Views: just 12,000 !!! the difference though... #ClickbaitForLife or "Haan Inki Koi Bra Khol Do Jaake 😂😂😂😂😂 !!

More Morons will be added to this list soon !!

Till Then Feel Free To Share Your Views In The Comments Section Below.

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  1. sahi kaha inki counting badti jaa rhi hai har din.


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