Brad's Status Review

{a still from Brad's Status}
Source: IMDB

Directed By: Mike White

Starring: Ben Stiller, Austin Abrams, Jenna Fischer, Luke Wilson. Michael Sheen, Jemaine Clement, Shazi Raja and Luisa Lee

Hello People its been a pretty longtime since i posted a raw Movie Review on this blog  so, let's go into the review mode. Yesterday was the day after Christmas so, i had this urge to watch a movie. One of my good friend came over and i don't know how but we talked about Ben Stiller's movie The Heartbreak Kid for some reason(i really do not remember why we were talking about that) by the way it was a good movie but our conversation from our favorite movies actually led us to watching one of his latest movie Brad's Status. 

We rent it from Amazon and by looking at the ratings our urge was increasing but the web connection was pissing us off. Anyway, the movie started after my web connection became stable again and we didn't actually knew that it is a Amazon Studios production till it started. Man oh man... it is a great movie from where it started my state of mind came to its curiosity and there was this little inner tickle that i am about to experience a perfection of a movie no not just a movie, it felt like so much relatable content of life is about present itself in a watchable matter.

Ben Stiller for the role of Brad Sloan in the movie is a perfect decision. The movie felt so real, a flawless performance not only from Ben Stiller but all the artists Jenna Fischer as Melanie Sloan(wife of Brad Sloan) delivered a prime performance. If you haven't watched it than i beg you to see this movie, it is a perfect mid-life crisis presentation from the director Mike White.

One of the best movie this year so far Its depth is amazing a story where one have had several years fighting and climbing in the society and have a family and children to cherish and thankful for. To have a Confidence crisis about his own Life Choices when his kid is about to start his College life. Michael Sheen and Austin Abrams also did the justice with their characters in the movie other than that its incredible so go see it because i can write down more about it but  I Really do not want to spoil anything from the movie because its of that caliber.

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