Social Media Responsibility and Logan Paul

Social Media Responsobility
SOCIAL MEDIA is the place where you can create and share content with the billions of people at the same time. I don't think there is a need to get into that LOGAN PAUL controversy again which was all over the internet and media the whole week. That Controversy is One of the Reason why i didn't posted anything on the blog this week because i didn't want to talk about that Controversy.

Logan Paul
It was really bad how Logan and his friends reacted in that Vlog that aroused a major concern on all over the social media. Like in which direction are we heading with this type of content running on YouTube, It is F***ed up. Yesterday, I watched the following video from a YouTuber named Christian Delgrosso and I Agree with every single word he said about the Social Media these days..... it's a shame because this video isn't trending on YouTube but Logan Paul scripted apology video is still in the trending section after 4 days of its upload. wow ! Incredible Job by YouTube showing their favoritism for The Golden Boy.

If you care about the future than we really need to use Social Media Responsibly it doesn't matter if you're an avid user of social media or a creator on social media you need to see this video:

LINK to the Video:

Let's make Social Media a better place !.!.!

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