BREAKING: Vince Mcmahon Relaunches Professional Football League XFL #XFL2020


This is the XFL Football Reimagined. Vince Mcmahon just announced that his Investment Company Alpha Entertainment LLC is Relaunching Professional Football League XFL in year 2020. Vince in his Press Conference  said:

The XFL will relaunch in 2020. They want fan input on how the game should be played, if they want a halftime, etc. There will be lots of innovations.

* They will have 8 teams and a 40 man roster.

*  There will be a 10 game season.

* There will be no crossover with WWE.

* The don't want any politics. Players will be expected to stand for the anthem.

* They don't know which cities they will play in yet. They plan to have new names, although they might have some new names.

* Vince said that the XFL will not impact his duties with WWE.

* The quality of the player is just as important as the quality of the player. If you have a DUI, you will not play in the league.

More Information About XFL here: XFL.Com

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