Deadpool 2 Hulk Smashes Infinity War Off Box Office Top Spot With $125 Million Opening


This past weekend 20th Century Fox finally brought Deadpool 2 to theaters. The sequel was one of the most anticipated movies of the summer, as the first R-rated comic book comedy stormed into theaters and broke box office records in February of 2016. Remember just mere weeks ago when everybody went Infinity War mad and the latest Avengers movie shattered countless film records?

Well, after just a meare few weeks at the top, it’s now been beat by yet another Marvel movie, Deadpool 2!


Breaking the world record for the biggest opening day of an R-rated movie, the film took in a reported $53.3 million on Friday, (May 18),  which previously held the record after making $50.4 million. It’s also been reported the film received a gigantic $125 million over the entire weekend.

​Deadpool 2 Smashes Infinity War Off Box Office Top Spot With $125m Opening Does Deadpool Survive A20th Century Fox According to Business Insider, the second film proved Deadpool wasn’t just a fluke – the sequel was unable to beat the record set by the first, in making $135 million on the first weekend. Wow. However, Deadpool 2 was able to dethrone Infinity War from the top box office performer position, where Infinity War has sat for the past three weeks.

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