Arnold Schwarzenegger gets attacked in South Africa, He Responds on Twitter

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Former Mr. Olympia and Legendary 71 year-old Arnold Schwarzenegger was shockingly attacked from the back in South Africa footage of the attack shows the Terminator actor with a cellphone, taking pictures with fans with a smile on his face as he hands the phone back to someone. As he does, a mysterious man can be seen running up behind him and then throwing all of his weight into a kick, which connects with Schwarzenegger and sends him flying to the ground.

People witnessing the attack are shocked, but Arnold Schwarzenegger seemingly gets right up like nothing happened and moves to a seat at a table while the attacker is apprehended. Being the true badass that he is, Schwarzenegger posted an update on Twitter after video surfaced of the attack, brushing off the incident. The actor claims he didn't even know he had been drop kicked and thought it was due to the crowd. He explains it on twitter: 

Arnold then said:

The Event Organizers blamed a “crazed fan” for the assault,The statement cited organizer Wayne Price as saying the assailant was “known to the police for orchestrating similar incidents in the past” and that Schwarzenegger was “fine and still in good spirits.” Arnold also confirmed he had no intention of laying charges and would continue with another appearance on Sunday as planned.

Link to the Brutal Assault Video:

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