Game of Thrones The Final Season Remake Drama: Just Stop It Already!!

ART is not a democracy, people don't get to choose how it ends.

I mean seriously its been a day and a half since Game of Thrones Final Episode was released and it was the end of an epic era. For months, Game of Thrones fans looked forward to the final season, speculating about where the story would go, and who would end up on the Iron Throne. Everyone had their own ideas as did the show's writers. But just because the plot wasn't how you imagined it doesn't mean the final series was bad.

a still from the final episode (Source: IMDB)

The final season began airing in April, and came to an end this weekend (May 19). But even before the series was over, viewers were petitioning for it to get rewritten ‘with competent writers’. over 1.1 million people have signed it. The Thing here is because of social media people have started to interfere a lot on how a thing should go, and if they don't like it, they'll just go all in. Just because you didn't agree with Game of Thrones Season Eight it doesn't mean it was bad tv.

As Fans we'll should be glad that we witnessed the final episode of what has been an epic journey and Overall In my opinion this drama should stop as soon as possible because these idiots don't know a thing. Bran The Broken is my all in all superior.

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