YouTuber kisses his Mom for a Viral Prank and the Internet is freaking out

Chris Monroe better known for his Controversial Kissing pranks Youtube Channel "PrankInvasion"  uploaded a latest video to his channel just an hour ago titled "KISSING MY ACTUAL MOM PRANK!" is making internet go WTF !

The Like-Dislike ratio on this video is actually very bad and People are not happy about it. As of the time of writing this post the video has 2K dislikes in comparison to 1.2K Likes with comment section flooded with disgust I mean because of the obvious a month ago Chris uploaded a video of kissing his own sister According to him he can go any limit to make Viral Content.

At the end of this video Chris is promising his 3.8 million subscribers on youtube that something even more crazier than this is coming. Another popular drama youtuber Keemstar took some jabs on Chris's latest video via twitter. 

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