Tana Mongoose admits that her wedding to Jake 'The Snake' Paul was for fun and content

Tana Mongoose Snake Paul's fake wedding ceremony

Aren't you fed up ??? with youtubers going too far for content, yeah me too... first of all who believed Tana Mongoose and Snake Paul were actually getting married for real..! real.. ! It hasn't even been a week and Tana who likes saying N-Word so much on her YouTube channel came out clear on her twitter saying that the marriage was for "Fun and Content". but now is trying to act out like it was real.

Drama YouTuber Keemstar first came out with a tweet that it was a Fake Wedding because no marriage license was filed before or after the wedding ceremony. It turns out that all this fake shit ton of a buzz created by Tana Mongoose and Snake Paul was just a way to promote their personal brands. and Tana's Reality MTV Show Tana Turns 21.

Some of the Fans also complained that they paid $50 dollars to watch the wedding ceremony livestream via halogen app which was also not upto the good standards throughout the stream there were audio issues and the whole viewing experience was infact super cringe.

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