Monday Movie Blog : Why X-Men:Apocalypse Is A Must See Movie Of 2016 ?

The X-Men franchise seemed destined for the junkheap After 2006’s The Last Stand , but starting with 2011’s First Class , Marvel’s Mutant Powered saga has enjoyed a rebirth,branching out with a new trilogy that returns our heroes to their comic-book roots while repairing The Least Successful Elements of the Original Movies.

This trilogy comes to a conclusion with X-Men:Apocalypse , starring Oscar Isaac as the  Villain An Awesomely Powerful Figure Whose Status As Arguably The World’s First Mutant Has Set Him On a Centuries-Long Quest to Purify The Species By Any Means Necessary.

With the Current trilogy’s cast set to make what seem likely to be their final appearances and plenty of
senses Shattering action on tap this is one superhero sequel that should live up to its name.

On May 27 2016, X-Men : Apocalypse is Coming In Cinema's Near You So,Get Ready To See Another Action Packed Marvel Mutant Power Saga.


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