WWE Tough Enough Cast Member Reveals That Show Was Scripted

Source: F4WOnline

On this weekend's edition of Wrestling Observer Radio , Dave Meltzer mentioned that he spent time with Tanner Saraceno of WWE Tough Enough fame at Friday's World MMA Awards.

During that time, Saraceno told Meltzer many interesting details regarding the show. Saraceno said that all of the sit-down interviews are totally scripted. Tanner recalled
having to do several takes of a specific interview because there was a term the producers asked him to use that he didn't include.

It was obvious to him from the start that the WWE wanted Josh to win. Saraceno told Meltzer that the show would display each time Josh did something well, but not necessarily when other people did the same.

The company tried to to the same with Amanda, who was later hired by WWE for Total Divas as Mandy Rose. They didn't anticipate Sara Lee being so popular and it backfired.

Tanner said that even though WWE hired ZZ and Amanda, he wasn't hired and was told that his promos weren't good enough and that he should make a name in MMA first. Saraceno won a fight against Tommy Metzger in November, and will make his pro MMA debut next month.

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