NXT TakeOver Dallas Results And Reactions

Source: WWE Network

Show Started With:

* NXT Tag Team Championships Match The Revival (Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder) (c's) vs. American Alpha (Jason Jordan & Chad Gable)

American Alpha come out with new tracksuits. LOUD chants for  American Alpha. Gable & Dawson start. Dawsion pats Gable on the face and taunts him.Chain wrestling, Gable with a roll-up for 2 and Dawson begs off. Gable now with pats to Dawson and both teams square off. Dawson with shots to Gable, controlling him in a top wristlock. Dawson with a shoulder tackle and a hiptoss, then taunts Jordan.
Gable comes back with an armdrag and a Ricky Steamboat-like headscissors. Jordan in, big dropkick to Dawson and the Revival has to regroup.Wilder distracts the ref, allowing Dawson To rake the eyes of Jordan. Wilder in, but
Jordan comes back with clotheslines.

Gable in, stereo backdrops by American Alpha. Jordan gets a 1 count. Gable in, works over the arm of Wilder. Wilder fights back, Dawson tagged in. Dawson places Gable up top facing the crowd. Gable spins over Dawson, O'Connor Roll
for 2. 2nd Rope Crossbody by Gable for 2. Judo Throws by Gable, followed by a dropkick. Wilder blocks a dropkick, but Jordan stops a Revival double-team and hit a RNR-style double dropkick, followed
by Stereo Release Germans that send the Revival back outside. Loud reaction for American Alpha. Outside, American Alpha sends the Revival into one another. Back
in, Wilder blind tags in as Dawson begs off Gable outside, allowing Wilder to DRILL Gable with a clothesline.Champions begin taking control on Gable.
Crowd wills Gable on. Gable tries to spin
out of a Cobra Clutch, but Wilder holds
on. Commentary talks about the video
package showcasing that Jordan & Gable
always failed on the big stage in their
amateur careers. Dawson locks Gable in
the Gory Special, with a Hangman's Neck
Vise also included. Gable counters out
into a Sunset Flip for 2. Revival stop
Gable from making a tag, but he counters
with a double DDT. Gable goes to make
the tag, but Wilder slid under the ring and
pulls Jordan off the apron. Dominator/
Top Rope Knee Drop combo by Revival
graces Gable for no pin attempt. "You F'd
Up" chants by the crowd. Revival taunts
the crowd and continues the attack on
Gable. Dawson in and again stops Gable
from making the tag. Gable slides under,
finally tags in Jordan.
Dropkick to Dawson, Flapjack to Wilder,
T-Bone to Dawson and the straps come
down! Running shoulder to the ribs in the
corner to Wilder, Exploder to Dawson for a
close 2. Dawson placed up top, Jordan
knocked off, then Wilder holds onto
Dawson to prevent a Belly-to-Belly!
Dawson pins Jordan while Wilder holds
his legs with a towel, but Jordan kicks
out! Jordan slips out of a Slingshot
Suplex, O'Connor Roll for 2, but his
momentum sends him into a big right
hand by Wilder. Gable breaks up the pin.
Gable sent outside, but he comes back
and stops a Revival double team, Jordan
pins Dawson for a close 2. "This is
Awesome" chants. Belly-to-Belly by
Jordan to Dawson. Wilder has Dawson
avoid the running shoulder, Gable tagged
in. Roll-up with the tights by Dawson by
2. Exchange of pin attempts by both for
nearfalls. Inside cradle by Gable for 2.
Rolling Prawn Hold by Gable for 2.
Jackknife Pin by Gable for 2. Dawson
powers up and they fight for a backslide.
Jordan tags as Gable is sent to the
apron, running shoulder in the corner by
Winners and NEW NXT Tag Team
Champions: American Alpha by pinfall
(Grand Amplitiude)
American Alpha celebrate their title
retention after.
WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross, ESPN's
Michelle Beadle and former New Japan
star Kota Ibushi are shown sitting in the
front row.
Video package highlights NXT's upcoming
tour of the UK in June.
Bayley & Asuka are shown preparing for
their title match tonight.
Video package on the Austin Aries-Baron
Corbin rivalry.
Austin Aries vs. Baron Corbin
Corbin comes out with a new entrance
vest. Aries goes right after Corbin in the
corner, but Corbin shoves him back. Aries
with more shots in the corner, followed by
leg kicks. Corbin misses a clothesline,
dropkick to the knees by Aries. Aries with
clubbing blows, but Corbin throws him
down. Rolling forearm sends Corbin
outside. Aries heads up top, double sledge
takes out Corbin! They brawl around
ringside. Back in, Corbin comes back by
hot-shotting Aries throat-first across the
top rope, followed by a running forearm
to the back of the head.
Corbin stomps away at Aries, taking
control. Corbin stomps on Aries' hand,
then chokes him in the ropes, taunting the
crowd. Corbin sends Aries shoulder-first
into the ringpost, gets 2. Nerve hold
applied, crowd wills on Aries. Corbin
continues to wear down Aries, but Aries
gets free. Corbin comes back with
avalanches in the corner, followed by
elbows to the neck. Corbin gets another 2
and begins yelling at the ref. Corbin
badmouths Aries, but Aries fights back.
Corbin continues to pour it on, but Aries
with hard chops.
Aries slides to avoid a whip and hits a
dropkick. Aries unloads with shots to
Corbin in the ropes, followed by a
slingshot double sledge to the neck and a
Hangman's Neckbreaker in the ropes.
Aries heads up top, missile dropkick to
Corbin. IED dropkick by Aries in the corner
sends Corbin outside. Aries with a head of
steam, Heat Seeking Missile wipes out
Corbin! Aries charges at Corbin outside,
but Corbin catches him with Deep Six on
the floor! Corbin rolls back in and yells at
the ref to start his count. Aries just barely
gets back in before the count of 10. Aries
dares Corbin to bring it.
Corbin unloads on Aries, then goes for
End of Days, but Aries spins out and rolls
up Corbin for the win.
Winner: Austin Aries by pinfall (Roll-Up)
Aries celebrates his win after as Corbin is
in disbelief over losing.
Video package on how we got to
Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Sami Zayn.
Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Sami Zayn
BIG reaction for Zayn in Dallas, crowd
singing along with his music. HUGE
reaction for Nakamura. Dueling chants for
both men as the bell sounds, along with
"YES" chants. Nakamura avoids Zayn
early. Nakamura does his rubbing the
face in Zayn's pecs and tells him to bring
it. Nakamura goes for a looping stomp
and a head kick, but Zayn avoids it. Chain
wrestling, series of armdrags by Zayn,
then he motions right back to Nakamura
to bring it. Knees to the ribs by
Nakamura, followed by a knee drop for 2.
Armbar by Nakamura, followed by a back
heel enziguri, sending Zayn into the
corner. Zayn stops the Vibration Boot, but
Nakamura with a back heel kick for a 1
count. Zayn comes back with a suplex for
2. Leg Lariat by Zayn for another 2. Zayn
with a big forearm that sends Nakamura
outside. Nakamura comes back with a
kick from the apron, then drapes Zayn
across the apron and hits a running knee
to the face, followed by a knee drop off
the apron across the back of Zayn's
head. More dueling chants by the crowd.
Back in, Nakamura does the Vibration
Boot to Zayn, but Zayn avoids a charge.
Nakamura places Zayn across the top
rope and hits another running knee to the
ribs for 2. Zayn slips out of the Reverse
Powerslam and sends Nakamura outside.
Zayn with a head of steam, FLIP DIVE
with a Top Rope Crossbody to Nakamura
for 2. Nakamura with a knee to counter a
suplex, followed by the Pride-style knees.
Zayn then comes back with a Michinoku
Driver. Strike exchange, "YES" chants by
the crowd and both men are exhausted,
but continue on. Nakamura's nose is
busted open as they continue slugging it
out. They continue on, Nakamura with
more shots, followed by the Superman
Forearm and knee strikes in the ropes.
Facewashes by Nakamura in the ropes,
followed by a stiff kick to the chest. "King
of Strong Style" chants for Nakamura.
Nakamura kicks at Zayn, but Zayn
LARIAT!!! Another clothesline by Zayn, but
Nakamura with another knee strike, then
counters another clothesline with a
FLYING ARMBAR!! Zayn clasps his hands
to block it. Nakamura switches to a
Triangle, but Zayn stomps his way out of
the hold. Zayn with right hands to
Nakamura in the ropes, followed by his
own facewash stomps! Zayn catches a
clothesline, Flatliner into the Koji Clutch!
Nakamura counters out with a roll-up for
2. Nakamura comes back with a big
enziguri. "Fight Forever" chants by the
crowd. Zayn again blocks the Reverse
Powerslam, but Nakamura with a single-
leg dropkick. Nakamura avoids the
Helluva Kick and this time hits the
Reverse Powerslam! Nakmaura sets for
the Boma-Ye, but Zayn avoids it and hits
the Blue Thunder Bomb for a close 2.
"NXT" chants by the crowd. Nakamura
rolls outside, Zayn rolls out after him.
Zayn goes for the Tope Suicida DDT
through the turnbuckles, but Nakamura
counters with a head kick while Zayn was
in mid-air! Zayn goes up top with
Nakamura and goes for the Top Rope
Brainbuster, but Nakamura stops it with a
headbutt. Nakamura charges, but blocks
the Corner Exploder with elbows to the
neck. Nakamura goes to the 2nd Rope,
Nakamura gets set, BOMA-YE!!!! 1-2-3!
Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura by pinfall
Nakamura celebrates his win after with a
"YEAOH." Nakamura extends his hand to
a seated Zayn in the corner as the crowd
chants "Thank you Sami." Zayn gets up
and they shake hands and embrace.
Nakamura leaves as the crowd does the
"OLE" chant to bid farewell to Zayn from
NXT as he heads full-time to the WWE
main roster.
Video package on how we got to Bayley
vs. Asuka.
NXT Women's Championship Match
Bayley (c) vs. Asuka
Asuka comes out with cherry blossoms
falling from the ceiling on the rampway.
Bayley comes out with a new ring jacket.
Crowd starts their serenading for Bayley.
Asuka goes for a kick early and Bayley
avoids it. Chain wrestling early, Asuka
with a big right hand. Asuka with a
shoulder tackle, but Bayley with a
hiptoss. Asuka avoids a sliding
clothesline, Bayley avoids a sliding kick
and we have a stalemate. Asuka with leg
kicks, but Bayley with a big forearm.
Asuka comes back with one of her own,
followed by the running hip attack.
Delayed axe kick to the back of Bayley's
head sends her onto the apron. Bayley
avoids another hip attack, 2nd Rope Back
Elbow by Bayley for 2. Bayley with
shoulders to the ribs and a running back
elbow. Bayley heads up top, crossbody
gets 2. Running knee drop and a sliding
back elbow, but then Asuka locks Bayley
in a Fujiwara Armbar, but Bayley quickly
gets to the ropes. Asuka with chest kicks
and open-hand strikes in the corner.
Bayley avoids one and places Asuka in
the Tree of Woe. Bayley hits the running
springboard elbow drop to Asuka for 2.
Asuka kicks away Bayley, but Bayley nails
her on the top. Dueling chants by the
crowd as Bayley heads up with Asuka and
hits a Super Rana for 2. Bayley with a
Neck Lock and locks Asuka in the Front
Gulliotine Choke, but Asuka spins free and
locks Bayley in an Ankle Lock. Bayley gets
free and sends Asuka outside. Bayley then
with a through-the-ropes rana wiping out
Asuka outside! Back in, Bayley gets 2.
Bayley with shots, but each one fires
Asuka up. Asuka with a running dropkick,
a spin kick, a leg kick, a chest kick, then
springs to the 2nd rope and hits a missile
dropkick. More chest kicks by Asuka, but
Bayley blocks one and hits a forearm.
Asuka comes back with an Alarm Clock
Kick, followed by the Sliding Kick for 2.
Jackknife Pin by Bayley for 2. Asuka with
forearms, but Bayley catches the Hip
Attack and hits a German. Asuka misses
a head kick, but doesn't miss on the
second try. Asuka with a series of slaps,
then goes for an enziguri, but Bayley
catches her in mid-air with a kneebar into
an Ankle Lock! Asuka tries for the ropes,
but Bayley pulls her back and drives her
knee into the mat. More shots to the leg
by Bayley, followed by a kneebreaker and
a Dragon Screw. Another Dragon Screw,
but Asuka catches her off a charge with a
Flying Armbar! Bayley tries to block, but
Asuka switches to a Fujiwara, but Bayley
counters out with a roll-up for 2. Bayley
avoids two head kicks, inside cradle for 2.
Asuka goes for the Asuka Lock, but
Bayley avoids it. Bayley with a suplex and
a sliding clothesline for 2. Bayley goes for
the Ode to Breaks armbar, but Asuka
blocks it. Bayley with a pin attempt for 2.
Asuka blocks the Belly-to-Bayley, then
DRILLS her with a spin kick! Neck Lock
Suplex by Asuka into the Cross
Armbreaker, then switches into the Asuka
Lock. Bayley tries to block it by reaching
the ropes, but Asuka scissors her down to
the mat! Bayley tries to fight out as the
crowd chants for her. Bayley gets to her
feet, but Asuka takes her back down in
the Asuka Lock, cinching it in on more.
Bayley begins to fade and is out, referee
calls for the bell, NEW CHAMPION!!
Winner and NEW NXT Women's
Champion: Asuka by referee stoppage
(Asuka Lock)
Asuka celebrates her title win as Bayley
comes to, while the crowd is in shock by
what they saw. Referees check on Bayley
outside as Asuka leaves the ring and
stares her down before walking off.
Commentary notes constantly that Bayley
didn't tap out and passed out.
Video package on the Finn Balor-Samoa
Joe rivalry.
Former TNA star Bobby Roode is shown
in the front row prior to the main event.
NXT Championship Match
Finn Balor (c) vs. Samoa Joe
Balor comes out dressed as the Demon,
but brandishing a chainsaw, in the spirit
of the classic horror film "Texas
Chainsaw Massacre." Dueling chants as
the bell sounds. They brawl early, Joe
sends Balor outside. Balor right back in,
but Joe throws him back outside. Balor
back in as Joe is busted open already.
Joe sent outside, Balor wipes him out
with a flip dive! Joe comes right back and
throws Balor over the barricade, wiping
out security in the front row! Joe has a
big cut around his left eye and is
GUSHING blood. Joe refuses medicial help
for the cut as Balor slowly rises from the
crowd and wipes out Joe with a forearm
from the barricade! Back in, Joe UNLOADS
with shots on Balor in the corner, trash
talking him. Balor misses a kick, enziguri
by Joe sends him outside. Joe with a
head of steam, ELBOW SUICIDA WIPES
OUT BALOR!!! More medicial staff coming
out to tend to Joe, who is obviously
perturbed and so is the crowd. Balor sent
back in as the medicial staff continues to
attempt to work on Joe's cut. "PG Sucks"
chant by the crowd. They stop working on
Joe and he goes right after Balor, hitting
him with ST-Joe! Seated surfboard
applied as Joe continues to gush blood
from his eye. Back elbow/enziguri combo
by Joe for 2. Medicial staff back in to
attend to Joe's cut. "BS" chants by the
crowd. Joe comes back, running
facewashes to Balor in the corner. Balor
blocks the Muscle Buster, but Joe with
the big boot/back chop/FK/leaping knee
drop combo for 2. Joe with Kawada Kicks,
but Balor with a dropkick. Medicial staff
back out again to attend to Joe. Balor
with forearms, followed by a sit-out
clothesline. Balor with running chops and
an enziguri that sends Joe outside. Finn
with a through-the-ropes dropkick and a running apron PK wiping out Joe! Back in,Joe counters the Slingblade with a T-Bone for 2. Joe goes for anotherFacewash, but Balor counters with a
Slingblade. Joe then counters the
Shotgun Dropkick with a back senton for 2. Joe with a powerbomb for 2, then switches into his variation of the Boston Crab, then switches into a Crossface.Balor spins free and hits a double stomp.

Balor with another Slingblade, followed by the Shotgun Dropkick into the corner.Balor heads up top, but Joe stops him. Balor blocks the Muscle Buster, but Joe with an enziguri. MUSCLE BUSTER!!! 1-2...BALOR KICKS OUT!! JOE CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!! Crowd wants another one.

Balor fights back with forearms, but Joe with open-hand slaps. Joe with a discus forearm, but Balor hits a Pele. Balor fires up like a Demon and hits another Shotgun Dropkick, followed by heading up top and hitting the Coup de Grace! Balor goes for Bloody Sunday, but Joe counters into the Coquina Clutch! Balor runs up the ropes andcounters the Clutch with a pin attempt to retain the title.

Winner and STILL NXT Champion: Finn Balor by pinfall.

Balor celebrates his title retention as Joe can't believe he lost. Balor & Joe have another staredown before Joe walks off.Balor continues to celebrate as the showcloses.


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