Roman Reigns Talks His Wrestlemania Match And Fans Reaction

Source: SportingNews.Com

Brian Fritz passed along a new interview for with Roman Reigns about his match at Wrestlemania 32 this Sunday in Dallas and more. Here are some essentials from the interview:

* His match Sunday @Wrestlemania 32 and his preperation:

"For me, I'm right there in the middle of everything. It hadn't stopped for me. This isn't a new thing for me and this week of the year. I've been doing this every single week just about. I've only missed, I think,two weeks, due to the nose ( he underwent nasal surgery for a deviated septum) and that was just a month ago or so. But before that, I've been on the road five days a week for about 50 weeks this year. It's kind of like clockwork; I'm just going to stick to what I've been doing, stick to my routine, get in the gym, make sure everything's on point, everything's healthy, everything feels good. Other than that, I'm ready to roll."

If he expects a negative fan reaction at Wrestlemania 32:

"It will be probably both. I get a pretty good mixed reaction but whatever I'm doing, they seem to be pretty loud. So whether it's cheers or boos, that's what one thing I can typically count on. They're going to be stirred up no matter what."

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