TNA Slammiversary 2016 Review: A Phenomenal Show Lashley Became The New World Champion

Judging from the title of this post you can predict how much we're excited to present you the review of TNA Slammiversary we mean we cannot describe how Awesome was Slammiversary Last Night and while writing this review our minds are filled with the Highlights, The Moments from the show believe us it was that great of a show. Last Night marked 14th Anniversary of TNA better known as Slammiversary to us. Let's begin with the review: Show started with a Fatal 4 Way For The TNA X Division Title between Trevor Lee Vs DJZ Zema Ion Vs Eddie Edwards Vs Andrew Everett. Everyone knows what TNA X Division stands for it represent High Flying Action, Unbelievable Moves, and Extreme Insane Action. All four guys gived their best it was 17 minutes of pure action in that match and crowd were Emotionally invested into the match. Eddie Edwards came out victorious and crowd appreciated all of them.

Mahabali Shera and Grado Vs The Tribunal: This match was the dark spot of the night we mean that there was some good selling of moves in this match  but this match really couldnt come up. Team Tribunal is Good Tag team they won it and let's see where this team heads now in TNA But alongside in our opinion Shera + Grado as a tag team are unacceptable. They are still entertaining though.

Knockouts Title Match: Gail Kim and Jade were the real attraction of this match Sienna had her unique sequences of moves too but we were rooting for Jade to still be the TNA  Knockouts Champion. Sienna won the match those three women's really put on a good match and likewise we think That TNA may have a good decent program for Sienna thats why they put the title on her.

Braxton Sutter a new recruit in TNA should be really pleased that he fought his first match with a legend Cowboy James Storm may be he lost that match but When They were celebrating at the end with the Beers that made us think may be BEER MONEY is coming back or if not BEER MONEY than Braxton will be a good Protégé of James Storm what you guys think about it??? share your thoughts in comment section of this post.

In Opinion Of Mr. Eli Drake Mr. Jeremy Borash is DUMMY and Drake is winning everything because thats a fact of life. Bram Vs Drake For KOTM Championship was a  decent match Eli Drake Character is going really Goofy and Entertaining Drake won the match against Bram in Good Passion. Beam was Intense during the match we think that this guy should be given more time because he can put on great matches with anyone. It was still a decent match.

When Crowd Sang EC3 theme as he was making his way to the ring that was a great moment "Trouble" "Trouble" "Trouble" ...... Miracle Mike Bennet and his Wife Maria done everything to take a win against EC3 But EC3 hardcore physique handled every cheap shot they tried to give and EC3 won the match.

Jeff and Matt had the wild, crazy full metal mayhem match you would expect here. They broke out several unique spots that I really love to see when this type of match is done rather than the same old spots. The spot with the extension ladder was crazy as hell as was the finish and the use of the keyboard. These two are nuts so we didn’t expect anything less from them. The way they teased it at the end with Matt crawling to his feet and staring at Jeff led us to that believe it isn’t over.

Decay and BroMans had a really fun tag team match, much better than the tag match earlier in the night thankfully, though it got a little out of hand towards the end with the screwy stuff. Still good action and the finish was great.

The Main Event was absolutely spectacular and beautifully brutal. Lashley and Drew flat out killed each other with some of those spots and they really told a great story with Drew refusing to tap out and Lashley pulling out all of his awesome submissions until finally Drew just passed out in the Arm Triangle. Now they can come back with the rematch because Drew can say he still refused to tap out but they should definitely make him chase Lashley for a bit before they go back into it. Let thing simmer down and let Lashley take out a few challengers first while Drew has to work his way back to Lashley and
finish it off at BFG. That was the best match of the year so far in TNA in our opinion, just great stuff.

Our Vital Grade To The Show: A-(minus) We Highly Recommend it If You Haven't watched it you should do it Because TNA also defines there name in this event The TOTAL-NONSTOP-ACTION.


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