Tuesday Movie Article: The Ghostbusters 3D - A Lot Could Go Wrong Here

Tuesday Movie Article is back and today we are talking about the upcoming movie Ghostbusters the remake of the classic original comedy Ghostbusters. You know We've all grown more cynical about franchise reboots over the last few years, and that goes double for studio driven attempts to milk more money out of classic pictures like the original Ghostbusters decade back. Special part about this Ghostbusters movie is that it is in 3D.

Original Ghosbusters movie worked because it matched a terrific premise, funny people fighting ghosts, with some brilliant comedic minds and This Upcoming update seeks to follow in the original's footsteps by handing the creative reins to writer and director Paul Feig and a cast that includes Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones. A Month back when the first trailer of This Ghostbusters released it really was rottened by the people who saw this trailer on YouTube bad comments were made on this trailer and it also broke the record of dislikes on a movie trailer which is a reboot of a hugely popular movie Ghostbusters. This fears us because

There's still a lot that could go wrong here, and Sony Pictures is clearly trying to recapture lightning in a bottle, but given the amount of talent assembled here, we're absolutely inclined to give the new look Ghostbusters the benefit of the doubt. There will be something in this movie because we've seen some great trailers of the movies but when you saw the whole movie you start yelling at yourself for buying the tickets. one of the big example of these type of movies is "Transformers" The Series these movies always bring huge excitement through its trailers but when we saw the movie Disappointment was in the Air.

Anyway The Ghostbuster Reboot will be released on July 17 2016 and still it is creating a good buzz among the Ghostbusters Fans.


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