WWE RAW Review: Teddy Gets A Verbal Slap, AJ Runs WWE And MITB Hype

Playa's !!!!! Yup Yup Former Smackdown manager Teddy Long Returned Last Night on Raw and it was not a return he was there to provide his play-by-play services Dancing Teddy provided some real entertainment last night out there but he is claiming to be GM for Live Smackdown from July 19 that claim later busted by Stephanie McMahon and she hurted Teddy with some hard hitting verbal slaps and told him to get out of the building it was a part of the show but real RAW in Oklahoma City started with the six competitors who will compete for Money In The Bank briefcase in Ladder Match at MITB ppv on June 19. we can tell this segment was good when Cesaro said to Chris Jericho that may be Jericho invented MITB Ladder Match but he never won than Jericho replied he won one time at StupidIdiot-Ville where some Stupid Idiots were present. STUPID IDIOT chants break down at the Arena. Teddy thing started there when Stephanie stopped him and made singles matchup between Dean And Owens, Jericho Vs Cesaro, & Del Rio  Vs Zayn. This whole segment was pretty entertaining.

Next Match was between Cesaro and  Chris Jericho which was a good wrestling match in this match Jericho deserves applause his moves selling ability is way beyond perfection. He is really good and Cesaro Fired up Character and Pure Power made that match Awesome in the end Cesaro won via Sharpshooter Submission Victory. This match was a huge highlight from the show.

Few of our friends posted a tweet stating this - #NBAFinals < #StanleyCup and we replied them - #RAW < #NBAFinals < #StanleyCup. You know why?? because after this match RAW really went Dead till Cena and Styles Segment.

Rusev Vs Jack Swagger Feud I think we have seen that too much. Swagger is a great In-Ring worker but Rusev Vs Jack Swagger was not upto our expectation. during that match Lana looked different she was looking great we were watching her during that match.

The Moment Was here Johncena make his way into the ring and cena started his promo great passion. Everybody Question was Why AJ Styles attacked Cena Viciously?? Our Answer: is it because when he/was in TNA he was always told that this Shorts, Cap and Tshirt guy is our ratings destroyer. Just kidding.... Cena calls out AJ and AJ Styles music hits he comes down to the entrance ramp with the members of The Club. AJ also responds Cena in great passion this promo was great and we recommend this that if you haven't seen this promo yet than you have to see this. AJ in his promo said: "guys like you bury guys like me and for that my insurance policy is The Club members" than they go to the ring and surrounds Cena but its the New Day who comes out and makes the save. Cena & AJ Both were great during this promo they told the crowd that this match at MITB is not just any match its THE MATCH between them. after this promo following matches and segment took place:

* The Vaudevillains def. Enzo Amore and Big Cass via DQ

Bold Statement: Cass is Turning Singles Star Very Soon.

* Alberto Del Rio def. Sami Zayn

* Dean Ambrose def. Kevin Owens

Video Tribute To The Boxing Legend Muhammad Ali Was One Of The Greatest Like his Persona.

* R-Truth def. Tyler Breeze via DQ
#TeddyLongRunningSmackdownLive was trending before Stephanie verbally slapped teddy long she cuts her balls off and she told him to leave the arena. Frankly speaking we were really sad on Teddy's leaving the show because he really provided good comedic entertainment.

* The Club def. The New Day Via Pinfall
After the match The Club Attacked New day and this time it was Johncena came to the ring and make the save he stands tall with the new day. Show Ends.

Our Vital Grade To The Show:- B+(plus) Only Because Of Jericho Vs Cesaro and Promo Exchange Between Cena and AJ Styles.

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