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WWE Network was launched on 24th of February 2014 in United States and Canada later on in time this subscription and streaming based service Expanded itself in the whole World and In Recent weeks the buzzing story on every wrestling dirtsheet and in mind of every Professional Wrestling fan is "What This Cruiserweight Classic Series is all about and why WWE isn't featuring their superstars in this upcoming network Special Event ??" well, after researching on this our panel decided that we will cover this So Called Global Cruiserweight Series featuring wrestlers from well known independent wrestling promotions like Rev Pro, EVOLVE, Progress Wrestling and Others.

Frankly speaking we really didn't know about this Cruiserweight Classic and nor anyone from our panel was interested in this first but after researching on it. This Network Special Event developed huge amount interest in itself Now, answer to the next question.. Why we weren't interested in covering this?? You know WWE dropped their Cruisweight Championship Belt many years ago and in reality we are not the fans of weightclass in WWE because If There were weightclass then Guys Like CM Punk Or Daniel Bryan Could've never achieved anything in WWE. We are fans of Wrestling With A Storyline and  you can agree or disagree but storylines Emotionally Invests us in any match which happens in Professional Wrestling. We Know That You'll are  Curious to know of what this Cruiserweight Classic Will Be All About.. our Cruiserweight Classic knowledge sphere is as follows:
What This Cruiserweight Classic Will Be About ??
The Cruiserweight Classic is an Upcoming major professional wrestling event held by the World Wrestling Entertainment which will air on July 13 2016 only on the award winning WWE Network. In this tournament all the participants were billed at a weight of 205 lbs or less. Qualifiers for this tournament will be  held in various well known independent wrestling promotions like Rev Pro, Progress Wrestling, EVOLVE, Wrestle1 and more like these around the world where few wrestlers received the chance to qualify for this 32 man tournament at announced four dates  which are June 23, July 14, August 26 and September 14 2016.

Competitors :

* Damien Slater
Damien Slater is popular by his catchphrase "The World  Beater" is a 28 years old Australian MMA Grappler who has also been trained in Jiu-Jitsu is a Respected Performer in his country he is physically strong guy in Cruiserweight Class.

* Gurv Sihra
Gurv Sihra is one half of the popular tag team called "Bollywood Boyz".He is Currently signed to GFW Wrestling of Jeff Jarret with his brother Harv Sihra. These Brothers Got a Huge  Opportunity to showcase their talent in this Cruiserweight Classic Tournament and of course he is from TKD (Taekwando) Background.

* Harv Sihra
Harv Sihra the brother of Gurv wrestling style on independent circuit is quite similar to his brother as they are both a part of a tag team called Bollywood Boyz. they really got a huge chance here to showcase themselves here at a bigger stage.

* Tomasso Ciampa
Ciampa is right now training in the Developmental territory of WWE  which is NXT formerly known as FCW and he is one of the NXT talents who is among the favourites to win this Cruiserweight Classic tournament.

* Johnny Gargano
Johnny Gargano is one of the most popular star on independent circuit he is prominently known for his skillfull work in Dragon Gate USA, Pro Wrestling Guerilla and EVOLVE he is well known as Johnny Wrestling On Independent Wrestling Circuit.

* Da Mack
We Don't know Much about this wrestler But he is well known for his ring attire as he present himself with a gimmick tributing the pop culture icon Michael Jackson he has worked more in UK and is popular among the UK Independent Wrestling fans he is currently the WXW Shotgun Champion.

* TJ Perkins
If You're a casual wrestling fan than you should have to go a little back in time This guy was the part of TNA's Popular stable the Revolution he was the masked man MANIK better known as TJ Perkins on Independent Circuit is widely popular for his in ring work he is agile and one of our favourite in this CRUISERWEIGHT Classic Tournament.

* Anthony Bennet
Seriously this guy isn't anywhere on internet we mean a lot of hardwork is done to collect some information on him and we got some information about him he is a amateur wrestler who wrestles for a small promotion in States called MONSTER FACTORY PRO WRESTLING. we ain't see him any close to final round but on a bigger stage he will get the exposure he need to be a star in future.

* Drew Gulak
Drew Gulak is a well known wrestler on Independent Circuit he has worked for Combat Zone Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Guerilla and EVOLVE he is popular for his grappling qualities in the ring and who knows that may be this quality could get him higher at Cruiserweight Classic tournament.

* Raul Mendoza
LUCHA LUCHA LUCHA !!! This Luchador has worked for AAA and NOAH Wrestling promotions and  is well known for Lucha Libre Style which Ensures us that it will be a lot of fun to see this guy wrestling in this tournament.

* Alejandro Saez
Alejandro makes this Cruiserweight Classic a World Series he is from Chile  and Over 6 feet Tall. He is well known for his heavy style grappling and he is looking forward to make a name for himself in United States.

* Cedric Alexander
Cedric makes his way into the tournament after spending a large amount of time in Ring of Honour he is best known for his athelticism in the ring and will make a impact in this network special tournament.

* Tyson Dux
Tyson is well known for his work in SMASH Wrestling promotion in Canada and we have to see what he will bring to the table on an international stage.

* Noam Dar
Noam Dar is a 22 year old Israeli Wrestler who works for ICW And Rev Pro in UK and is well known for his techincs inring this guy has made a good fan following in UK and Europe.

* Akira Tozawa
Akira is a popular name in promotions like PWG, DGUSA and Chikara Wrestling he is one of the favourites one to win this Cruiserweight Classic Tournament because of his high flying abilities in the ring. Watch Out For Him In The Tournament.
 and other are as follows:
* Zack Sabre Jr.
* Tajiri
* Jack Gallagher
* HO HO Lynn
* Ariya Daivari
* Rich Swann
* Jason Lee
* Mustafa Ali
* Lince Dorado
* Kota Ibushi
* Kenneth Johnson
* Brian Kendrick
* Clement Petiot
* Sean Maluta
* Tony Nese
* Fabian Aichner

Broadcasting Team:

* Commentating Team - Mauro Ranallo And Daniel Bryan

* Ring Announcer - WWE Latest Signee Mike Rome

Look At The Broadcasting Team There this Tournament will be a memorable one for everyone and specially for the performers who got the opportunity to showcase their talent on a international stage.

Episode By Episode Spoilers From The First Taping Happened On June 23 At Full Sail :

Episode One
* Gran Metalik defeated Alejandro Saez. Metalik won with the Cradle Driver.
* Ho Ho Lun defeated Ariya Daivari Lun won with a bridged German suplex.
* Cedric Alexander defeated Clement Petiot. This was described as the best match of the opening three contests. Alexander won with the Lumbar Check.
* Brian Kendrick defeated Raul Mendoza with a rear naked choke submission. Kendrick bleeded during the match.

Episode Two
* Tajiri defeated Damian Slater Tajiri won via pinfall following a kick to the head, and Tajiri reportedly looked very good in the match.
* TJ Perkins defeated Da Mack with the Figure 4 Deathlock.
* Lince Dorado defeated Mustafa Ali after a Shooting Star Press. Ali may have received a neck injury during the bout.
* Akira Tozawa defeated Kenneth Johnson with a bridging German suplex.

Episode Three
* Zack Sabre Jr. defeated Tyson Dux via an arm bar submission.
* Drew Gulak defeated Harv Shira with a body scissors guillotine choke.
* Tony Nese defeated Anthony Bennett after a 450 Splash. Bennett may have suffered a knee injury during the match, with the ref even stopping the match at one point to check on it.
* Kota Ibushi defeated Sean Maluta with a sit-out powerbomb.

Episode Four
* Rich Swann defeated Jason Lee with a standing 450 splash.
* Noam Dar defeated Hurv Shira with a knee bar submission.
* Jack Gallagher defeated Fabian Aichner after a corner missile drop kick.
*Johnny Gargano defeated Tommaso Ciampa with a backslide following an arm bar.

Episode One Of this Cruiserweight Classic Will Air On July 13 Only On WWE Network So If You Haven't Subscribed The WWE Network You Should Do It Now For First Month Its Free Than It is Just $9.99 Per Month.

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