Monday Super Killswitch: Best Of Your Opinion Doesnt Matter - The Podcast

KILLSWITCH !! A Wrestling Maneuver previously known as THE UNPRETTIER back in the attitude era. It was mostly used as a finisher by Christian who is a 18+ year Veteran in Professional Wrestling. Some of you may not know that I am a huge Christian Fan Or I can say that "I'M A Fanaticial Peep" so, I decided to start a weekly special segment on this blog which will be called MONDAY SUPER KILLSWITCH featuring the latest buzz in my social life.

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Monday Super  Killswitch

Best Of Your Opinion Doesn't Matter - The Podcast

I Fall in love with Professional Wrestling  when I was 8 i saw the first match which was a WWE No Mercy ppv match between Booker T and Johncena for the US Championship which was incredible and from that moment i started following WWE. I Watched RAW, Smackdown and ppv's Which leaded me to Be a Huge Christian Peep For Life.

How I Started Listening To YODM Podcast ?

Its an interesting story- In 2014 Christian wrestled his last match for WWE in a fatal 4 way to determine the No. 1 Contender for Intercontinental Championship which he won but later that week Reported that he suffered a Concussion and was out of action for a unspecified period of time then I used to search Dirt Sheets all the time to know what's Christian in ring status is when he will make his return ??? and more.

After a Year Later In March 2015 Wrestlemania 31 Week  i saw on Booker's twitter that Christian and Alex Riley is his Special Guest on Heated Conversations Radio Show and later that week i tuned into Heated Conversations After Listening those great Interactions on the show i followed almost every heated conversations episode. I Followed the co-host of Heated Conversations Brad Gilmore on twitter And Entered Myself into the SIR ROUND SOUND Network of Podcasts. Soon The BG Show, BTTF The Podcast and Your Opinion Doesn't Matter all of these became my Remedies Of Boredom.

I Loved YODM Podcast and The Amount of content the Hosts provide their Audience each week. Both The Hosts Brad Gilmore and Matt Topolski  are really interactive to all the listeners of the show. I highly Recommend this podcast over any podcast. Listen To It and You will believe me that they provide Audio Entertainment At Its Best. It was really a hard task for me to make the following list because all the episodes of this podcast including the Interviews Conducted by the hosts were all that damn good So, Below I am Listing My Favourite 5 Episodes of YODM Podcast:


A Must Listen Episode For Every Professional Wrestling Fan as the Hosts Enlighten the Listeners That Why Wrestling Observer is the People Magazine of Professional Wrestling.

"Brad Gilmore and Matt Topolski respond to remarks by Dave Meltzer on twitter regarding his reporting on the Wrestlemania attendance numbers."


A One of a Kind Game Show which is Only available at This Podcast. Check It Out and Find Out Who is The Reigning, Defending, and Undisputed Rotten Bowl Champion Of The YODM Universe below.

"After much anticipation the Brad Gilmore and Matt Topolski face off in the final Rotten Tomatoes Game of 2015.  The Rotten Tomatoes Championship is played in 5 Rounds covering Comedy, Action & Adventure, Children's Films, Biographical Films and a special Catch-Weight category." 

3. YODM 200

YODM Completed its 200 episodes and 1 Year on July 6 2016 Check Out This Episode As The Hosts Tell Their Listeners About The One Year Journey Of YODM.

"YODM Podcast celebrates its 200th Episode and 1 Year Anniversary by revisiting the first ever debate on the show (Lebron James vs. Michael Jordan), Matt reacts to the news that the FBI will not indict Hillary Clinton, the hosts revisit the most shocking scores in Rotten Tomatoes history, a full run down of UFC 200 with predictions and a special bonus segment on the future of the NBA."


A Super Special Episode Of YODM Podcast On 2015 New Year's Eve I Loved It A Lot It Was GOODT.

"The 2015 New Year's Eve Special featuring Brad Gilmore, Matt Topolski, live performances by Twenty Eleven, an interview with Walker Texas Lawyer, the 2015 YODM awards, NFL Playoff talk, WWE discussion, Star Wars: The Force Awakens updates and much more!"


It was Extremely hard for me to make this choice As All The Interviews Conducted By The Hosts On YODM were Awesome. Their Interviews with Sir Bruce Prichard, Mark Malkoff Of Carson Podcast, Rich Brennan and Eric Bischoff were Fantastic All Those Superb Interviews are available On .
" Eric Bischoff is the former Executive Producer and President of World Championship Wrestling, former on-screen General Manager of WWE Monday Night Raw, and the author of the New York Times Best Selling Book; Controversy Creates Ca$h.   
Bischoff joins Matt Topolski and Brad Gilmore to talk politics, set the record straight on the real influences behind the NWO, discuss what's missing in wrestling today, how he would start a new wrestling promotion in 2016, his thoughts on Shane McMahon's return to WWE, Sting's HOF induction and much more."

If You Haven't Joined The YODM Revelution Till Now Then I Suggest You To Join it As Soon as Possible The Hosts Are MAKING PODCASTING GREAT AGAIN. Above Listed Episodes are My Favourite 5 from the YODM Archive. Do not Forget To Share Your In The Comments Section Below.

thats all folks !!!

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